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The Mountain has a Summit

The Gemini Mama Hawk


I know that a lot of you out there are covered in snow. If I were in a place covered in snow I would grab my boots and snowboard and find a hill. I would also pack up my kids and go sledding, at least once. Obviously I am not there, and here we don’t see snow. Actually while we are on the subject, we are suffering from a sever drought because our mountains haven’t seen enough snow, so send some west.


When you live in an area that has beautiful temperature, you should take advantage of it. Yesterday we did. The whole family. As in every one including Scarlet, our dog. This was a big deal for her, because she doesn’t get to do much now that running is too much for her.



If you have been a long time reader here you may remember my post last September about our hike. I just want to say it is amazing what 25-30 degrees difference will do for you. We have only been on a few hikes since then, and they were focused on K1 being able to “hike” the whole time. Meaning that they were not challenging for the adults. When I suggested re-doing this hike S actually asked me if I could even do it. He reminded me that I had to stop a few times last time and we didn’t make it to the top. Duh, it was 100 degrees. Silly daddy.


Up we climbed as a unit. K1 walked about 1/4-1/3 of the way up herself. She is getting stronger and stronger every day.


The wind was nice, and kept us cool.


We got to see a few things on our way. Lizards, caterpillars, which were a nice surprise, para gliders, one hang glider, and two hawks! I am glad that we did not see the mountain lion that was spotted recently, and I am still fortunate enough to have never seen a wild rattle snake.


I wish my phone accurately captured how close to us the hawks were, but this was the best I could do. I have never seen a hawk in the wild so close. I could actually see the color of their feathers.


They were a pair hunting together. When they were done scouring this peak they flew off together to the next. It was beautiful.


Off in the distance of this photo you can see one of the para gliders.


I enjoy hiking, but view it mostly as exercise. Yesterday was a great reminder of all the beauty there is too see on my way to the top. Take that however you want, literal, or figurative. I also find that having kids with me on the hike I want to find beautiful things to show them, so that they will remain interested. I feel that they truly balance the experience for me.


What fun have you had in the great outdoors lately? 

Yesterday’s Hike

Yesterday was hot.


But we hiked anyway.


This is not a story about what not to do. We hydrated frequently. Both ourselves and our children. We listened to our bodies, and actually turned back at the halfway point. I was stopping to breath all to often, the kids said they were done, and our water was halfway gone, so it was time.


Yes those zig zags, also known as switchbacks, were the trail.

We got out there before 9, which was still later than planned thanks to my slow moving in the morning. By that time temps were already over 90.


The park rangers were worried about us hiking because yesterdays forecast called for 100 degree weather. It did get up to 100 yesterday afternoon but that was long after we were done hiking.

They encouraged us to take a cell phone and the phone number for the park office. I’m glad they said something. I was planning on leaving our phone in the car due to lack of reception.  It’s odd to me, but there was reception on the trail when there was none in the park.


It really was nice to get up and get going like this in the morning. A natural high of sorts. I wish cooler weather was closer in sight. We could do this more.

Next time we will get up earlier.

Naturally, the kids favorite part was snacking in the Jeep when we were all done. Tho they did like seeing and hearing the horses.

What were you up to yesterday?

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