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Bike To Work Day

Yesterday was bike to work day here in San Diego County. I am honestly not sure if it is a state or nation wide thing, but I know it happened here.

I do not go to work, that gives me a pretty handy excuse for not participating. Although that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to.

Yesterday we walked to the library for story time. I don’t even take a stroller. It really is too short of a walk for it to be worth the hassle of loading the kids into the trailer, then locking and unlocking everything once there.

Then we piled into the Jeep and drove to have lunch with daddy. His work is somewhere around 20 miles away. I am so not in any shape that would allow me to bike there alone, never mind with the kiddos in tow.

All of this and no biking.

After dinner was our chance.

I guess deep down I just wanted to go for a bike ride. You know, feel active again. Bike to work day was my excuse. My reason to get up off the couch. I trudged through and forced myself to feel like I was participating.

All in all it was a nice ride. A little cool, but nice. K2 still has a hard time with his helmet. That means there was still crying after about five minutes.

We also stopped for an impromptu diaper change. I was not planning on us stopping at all, so we were completely unprepared. We just took the diaper off and told the little guy not to go potty. Thankfully he listened. He’s cool like that.

That reminds me, I want to kick this whole potty training business into gear. I am sick of washing, and changing diapers. Time to be done. (I mean who doesn’t prefer cleaning puddles up off of the floor?)

Have you ever biked to work? Ever wing a diaper change? What did you do?


Burley Bike Trailer Review

Folded up for storage
View of single rider

Shopping for a bike trailer can be a quite daunting task. There are several options and not a whole lot of places to go and see them in person.

After lots of discussion and searching, both in stores and online, we decided to buy the Burley Bee Bike Trailer. I wanted to share with you my opinion of this trailer, because I have found this info to be elusive and would have been helpful to us when trying to make a purchase decision.

If you are on the hunt for a bike trailer and are deciding between a single or a double, go for the double. We started searching for a trailer when we only had one little and thought “we don’t need the extra seat”. While that may be true there are a few things I didn’t know. In the Burley Bee double there are straps and belts set up so that one or two children can ride. No one will be riding lopsided, which was what I had imagined. A child seated singly will be in the middle, so weight distribution is centered. Also when it comes to kids, how can more space be a bad thing?

The Burley Bee’s connection to the bike is made out of aluminum, unlike the plastic we found on one of their competitors. The plastic on the display of the InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer was actually broken. It was too easy to picture that happening in use, and immediately turned me away from it. (doesn’t mean that will happen, it was just my own concern)

I highly recommend you add Burley Bicycle Trailer Hitch (Standard, Forged) to your purchase. Why? It has to be removed to hook the trailer up to a different bike. In our house we have one quick release bike, and one regular nutted bike. (I’m talking about the back tire, how it is removed) That means without taking a wrench with us on any long bike ride, one person has to do all the work. With an extra hitch, you can just leave the piece on both bikes and switch as you like.

Hitch on quick release

This bike trailer holds up to 100 lbs, and seats two children. The only problem with this is that my youngest, at 15 months now, doesn’t know how to claim his space. He often looks tucked into the corner, and my daughter looks like a queen. (maybe that’s how he likes it?!) This mean’s children who don’t like close quarters, will not be very happy.

This trailer is great. It holds both kids and has a cargo space in the back for things like diaper bag, a small amount of groceries, lunch, whatever.

Pack everything inside for storage

I will add, we were discouraged and a bit upset when after buying this, we found out it is not convertible into a jogging stroller. The sales persons at both locations we shopped at misinformed us, and online information was confusing. I kind of justified spending the extra money on the trailer because for a bit more it could also become a jogging stroller, without having to buy and store another large item. For those of you who absolutely want both a jogging stroller and bike trailer buy the Burley Design Honey Bee. Although maybe when you start bike riding you won’t want to jog.

Something that was key for our Christmas light viewing this past holiday season, is the plastic cover that can be pulled down to lock in the warmth. That, a blanket, and a flashlight, and our Christmas light viewing was both interesting and fun.

The Burley Bee bike trailer folds up small enough to store away when not in use. The wheels even come off. It is also not to heavy to “dig out” every time you want to use it. At 18.5lbs considering it’s size, it’s light.

So how does it ride, you ask? Smooth. Essentially there is no drag. The only time I have noticed anything is going over speed bumps, like those intended for cars. Other than the added weight of what, or who, I’m dragging, I don’t even notice the trailer is there.

Don’t forget that while your children are in the trailer they should still be wearing helmets. It is recommended that children do not ride in a bike trailer until 12 months of age, and they can wear a helmet. My daughter, who started riding in the Burley bike trailer at two years old, never had any issues with her helmet. My son however, who started riding in the trailer right at 12 months, has had issues with his helmet resting on the seat and pushing it forward on his face. Be sure that your child’s helmet is snug fitting.

I really enjoy this bike trailer, and hope you find this review helpful.

Happy riding!

This is not a sponsored post. I bought this item and loved it and wanted to share my honest opinion and experience with you. Amazon affiliate links are included, because if you did decide to purchase I would love the 10 cents. 

The Quaint Life

Never fear, I have no plans of turning into a Quaker, or becoming Amish. No one sees any of those things in my future, of that I am certain. There are however, simple little things that I like. S and I often talk and wonder about times long ago. What it was like? How people survived? What they did in general? For me, those conversations are fun. Things were harder, and yet somehow simpler. They were very very different from today. Realistically it was all for the same things that we work and strive for today. Food, home, warmth, education, security for ones self and ones family. The path they took to get those things, are what we like to discuss.

As I previously mentioned I have a goal to go grocery shopping by bike, at least once a week. Last week we went for a family bike ride on Sunday, and picked up a few things. That counted as our weekly trip. This morning the kids had a Dr’s appointment, and we had planned to get eggs on the way back home. We made a stop at the college in between to get books. That stop created chaos. Needless to say the eggs were forgotten until we got home. The plan was to make breakfast for lunch. I decided that was the perfect time to go for our family bike ride, and pick something up.

Farm fresh, hand delivered, eggs.

Here comes the quaint life part.

There is an egg ranch like two miles from the house, maybe more, not to sure. I went there two weeks ago to get our eggs by car. How did I find them? I had purchased their eggs at the grocery store before, and saw their address on the package. I noticed that we are in the same city, and decided to look them up online hoping they had a store. I mean everything is cheaper at the source, right? It is possible that’s not always the case, but it worked out for me that with eggs it’s true.

I rounded the fam and started off on a bike ride for eggs. While riding on my bike with the cool cold wind whipping through my helmet I had this thought. I grew up in the epitome of urban. Tall apartment buildings, no parks, trees were just for lining fancy streets. Now we also live in a city, a little less urban, but city still. We didn’t go and move out into the country when you weren’t looking or anything. Yet we rode our bikes to a local egg farm to get our eggs for the week. I mean, don’t such things only happen in villages? I kinda loved it. I’m not saying I am gonna throw away my car keys. Let’s be serious I love travel, so I need a car. Okay, I want a car. There are ways without it, just not for me. Everything about the ride was fun. I really felt good, in an old time-y nostalgic kind of way. Bicycling as a mode of transportation is not really something I think I ever understood before. It’s cool. I got this. Well, today at least.

You can laugh, it is completely okay.

I thought the idea of trying to garden was quaint. I know now that I was wrong.

What comes to mind when you think of the word quaint? Do you do anything that fits that description?


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