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Another Week In Photos 4th of July Edition

Happy day after Independence Day!

I hope you had a great time yesterday, and that you are well rested or resting today. Here’s a little look at our week.

This just goes to show you what birthday’s become after 30. They’re basically a walk in the park.

He did get cake on his birthday, I just thought I would share. Since I didn’t you know. I knew you were keeping score. I did however eat some of the cake I made, so that makes me feel a little better. Well, cake makes everyone feel a little better, right?

I follow what was just a Tumbler account and has not expanded to Instagram, ThugKitchen. He is vulgar and funny. The vulgarity comes only from profanities, if you can get past all that then you can laugh at his posts. He is vegan, and posts recipes for vegan eats and drinks.

A while back he posted about grilling lettuce, but recently re-did it with the recipe for dressing. I am in lust. I really enjoy it. I am not sure what part of it I like best. The idea of grilling lettuce, which is pretty foreign to me, or the taste, but both a good. Try it. Thank me later.

Daddy wanted a Blizzard one night this week. I really really really didn’t want to leave the house. I also didn’t want to drive the car a block and a half for ice cream. I also somehow felt guilty thinking about eating ice cream and wanted something better. (I have been working out pretty well the last two months) I finally decided I would walk and get us frozen yogurt that we could share.

Then I get to there, and they are closed. I didn’t realize it was that late. Good thing DQ is in the same parking lot and open 30 mins later.

Touche’ daddy, touche’.

Another mama that I know started a photo a day challenge. I didn’t think it was for me. You know me and commitment to things like this. Then K1 was all dressed in pink on the day that it started. So I had to participate.

I asked her what color she was wearing and snapped the shot as she replied. Pink was the theme for day one.

Day two challenge, circle. Thank you pool day at a friends house, and the round hot tub. K1 and K2 really like the warm water, but mommy will only let them put their feet in.

K2 was on day 2 of 3 for fever teething, so the pool was not as much fun as it would normally be. He spent most of his time throwing crackers and pretzels on the ground, followed by asking for more.

Craft time! Pool day done, on to painting with neighbors.

While the big kids were painting little guy was snacking on a brownie.

Preparing for the 4th. I was trying to be a little festive. Not super crazy over the top, or anything, just a little festive. Thank you pinterest pin that I never pinned and just stuck in my head.

Another ThugKitchen recipe. Citrus iced tea. I was really good! With or without the bourbon. I was just sampling it to be sure it was adequate enough for our 4th of July beach day. I then had to make room for my fruit sliced and had a second, to be doubly sure it was good.

Red, white, and blue down to the hair ties. Mommy can be super corny, when she wants to. I mean, who else is going to notice these anyway?

Photo challenge day three, yellow. Yellow, on the fourth of July? Thank you sand toys!

Look at them all in their red, white, and blue, not-yet-covered-in-dirt outfits. And that smile, melts me. That kid, so sweet.

Lastly, the end of evening bonfire.

When we headed out for the day we learned that we were unable to obtain a fire pit on the island, so I never saw this happening. The kids did not get to enjoy it, as they were already sleeping, but it was still a very nice finish to a great day. 

How was your holiday?

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