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Insta Friday

Alas the weeks go by one by one. Often weeks seem to have been uneventful, but to the wee ones every day is a mystery. I am sharing with you those gems that we captured with just my camera phone. The every day. The mundane.


I’m GT4936 if you want to follow along.


Duplo treasures. Uncle J sent us a few random gifts after learning about Disney Legos and Duplos. We have two Duplo sets. We have this LEGO DUPLO Princess Ariel Undersea Castle, and this LEGO Disney Planes Ripslinger’s Air Race (affiliate links). About two months ago I bought a plastic bin with a locking lid for them, so that this kids could have access to them all the time without asking for help. Most of the time all I see them make are towers. Because of that, when I was cleaning up the other night and found this I was surprised, and it made me smile.


This was K1’s craftiness. I love her imagination, and I want to be sure not to stifle it. I try very hard not to offer suggestions when we are playing so that she will think for herself. I love when I get to see her creativity like this.


This freeloader surprised me when I looked forward in the car. This was not what I was expecting to see. Also being a girl raised in Massachusetts, who captured grasshoppers in jars, this thing is huge! Then we had a whole debate in the car as to whether it was a locust or a grasshopper. S was certain that locusts were completely different from grasshoppers. In case you are now curious Wikipedia taught me that grasshoppers and locusts are the same. The only difference is their behavior in large quantities. Locusts swarm.


Anyhow, seeing the size of this guy I now understand two things. One why people in other countries might eat these. I mean look at that size, I could see why someone might try it. You know, if your starving and all. Two, I can see now how when they swarm they level everything green. This dude looks like he could eat a lot. Oy.


A little more than a month ago I started doing yoga. It seemed to me that the frequency in my migraines was increasing, and I vaguely remember reading somewhere that yoga could help with that. To Dr Google I went, and found 10 poses that can help relieve the frequency of migraines and increase flexibility. Win, win.


After doing this for about a week each morning I started following different yogi’s on instagram. Then I discovered a whole new world of yoga. Honestly I previously thought yoga was lame and just stretching. We it is that, and more. I sought out a studio to take some yoga classes and have loved it. I started noticing differences in my flexibility after just one week. After I month I have noticed that I am waking up with less and less pain and tightness in my lower back. This is great!


At the end of our family hike Sunday we had lunch on this rock. I have now seen so many different yoga poses in different places it made me wonder how much more difficult they actually are. So here you have my first insta-yoga-pose. Dancers pose. Expect more of them. I think I am going to participate in a yoga challenge next month.



Last, my PSA for the month. If you are a protein supplement taking kind of person, avoid this. It is disgusting. Enough said. Your welcome.


Have you ever tried yoga? Would you consider it? 

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