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Happy Halloween

Halloween party 024

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!


Why the grimaces? No idea.


Dress Up Time And Costume Discounters

I recently realized little girls and boys like to play dress up. I was forced into this realization thanks to my nearly 3 year old daughter. I began to observe a trend every time I picked her up from child watch at the YMCA. She would have on a different princess gown every day. Then she started deciding she needed to wear a skirt, so she could prance around the living room saying “I’m a fairy.”

As a young girl I never played dress up, or at least I do not remember doing so. I didn’t have dress up clothes and neither did anyone else. So this somewhat came as a surprise.

I had already planned I to one day supply her imagination with dress up clothes, but thought the “need” was a year or more away. To facilitate the dress up play I decided we needed a box, tote, or trunk. I figured I would find something used and make it pretty, but then I found this;

It’s beautiful. A little smaller than I envisioned, but otherwise perfect. (good for uses after dress up play too)

Now to fill it with fun and imaginative things. That is where Costume Discounters come in.

As a family on a budget it is important for me to locate the best deal possible. Dress up clothes are no exception, and they can add up quick. I was excited to find their costumes to be affordable. I also noticed that they offer “deluxe” costumes that include accessories, which add to the values found on their site.

I selected the Meridia toddler costume for my daughter, K1. She loves all red heads because she has red hair too, (I say strawberry blonde) and princesses, oh the princesses. Even though she hasn’t seen the movie Brave yet I still though this would be great for her dress up box.

She couldn’t wait to open it

The face in the next picture is why I’m pretty sure I was right. She’s hilarious.

I loved that this dress is easy enough for her to put on by herself. To me that is very important. The last thing I want to do is give myself more work. Mommy’s to do list is long enough. The only part she can’t do by herself is the belt. She still thinks she “a princess” without it on, so it is no great concern that she can’t get that part on.

Also an important fact worth noting, the costume didn’t make her itchy, and it was very breathable. She leaves it on for hours at a time without complaint. I remember hating that about Halloween costumes as a kid. I love how soft and shiny the satin is. It is also great how well attached that little medallion with Meridia’s image on it is. Had this been cheaply made it would have already been torn off lying on the floor some where.

Even the packaging is fun to play with, ask K2

I am really impressed that for reasonable prices Costume Discounters carries a great quality product. I was also impressed with how quickly they fulfilled the order. If you have something specific in mind their customer service is very helpful. They even offer live chat, which is a great feature.

I know when you hear the word Costume your mind instantly goes to Halloween. Yes Costume Discounters can cover your Halloween needs. You should keep in mind they can also be your source for dress up/play clothes, themed birthday parties, or even holidays.

If your looking for a costume at a reasonable price I enjoyed our experience with Costume Discounters and would recommend you give them a try.

You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest for special offers and daily entertainment.

This is not a sponsored post. Disclosure: I was given the costume to facilitate my honest review. I purchased the trunk and just wanted to share it with you. All opinions expressed are my own, and may differ from yours. I will always give my honest feed back. I received no compensation for this post.

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