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Let’s talk about why I only got 4 hours of sleep last night. I am still tired. I am also confused.

This beautiful lady is Scarlet. She is my first child. She is a Springer Spaniel. She also happens to share her birthday with my son. This year she will be 6 in human years. The vet recently told me she is now what they call middle aged. Sad face. You mean she is really not going to live forever like I told her to do so many years ago?

First let me just say, she is great. I love how when people meet her for the first time they often think she is a puppy. I just laugh, and tell them to wait 20 minutes, she calms right down. She is a lover. Her goal in life is to find a warm lap, with an arm that will touch her (petting is not even required), and stay there as long as possible.
Squirrels make her crazy. I think they used to torture her in my last apartment in NC. We had a huge living room window which would look out into woods. Squirrels would come right up to the window, even with this dog barking and going crazy inside. Scarlet was in the squirrel zoo. I used to imagine squirrels looking at her the way we look at monkeys in the zoo. Maybe not, but …

Child #1, Scarlet is child #2’s (DD) best friend. I can’t tell you how many pictures there are like this in my phone. DD is/was always laying with Scarlet. Just after Scarlet got over her fear of fur being pulled by this little thing that just learned to crawl, they became friends.
Now that you know how close they are, you can begin to understand why I am sleepily hoping for coffee to magically appear in a cup mixed to the perfect blend of light and sweet, just for me.

Yesterday I went to a friends house to get away for a few hours. It was a really nice time. Lots and lots of talking about more than just kids, and blocks, and Signing Time. Great time for a mama of two.

That being said, I did not feed my DS for about five hours. That meant that I came home to feed him, then I needed to pump. (Ugh) While I was sitting on the living room floor pumping, my wondrous doggy decided that she wanted some love. I went along with her wants. I was petting her chest with my arm wrapped around her when my fingers found something in her fur.

This is not uncommon for any pet owner. Especially when you have a long haired dog. Dirt gets caught in her fur, I mean everything. The first thing I pulled off of her chest was white. Pasta maybe? DD and S did have spaghetti for dinner. The second thing I pulled off of her had a leg.

Yup, it was a tick. I flipped.

I haven’t pulled a tick off of her since before I left NC.(4 years ago) It was also larger than the deer ticks that I am used to. It was in an odd spot, on her chest/neck area. Deer ticks usually like places like her arm pits.

By “flipped”, I mean, I threw it. Yup. Flicked it with my fingers as soon as I saw what it was.

My next immediate reaction was to tell S that I was an idiot. That I pulled a tick off of our dog and threw it somewhere on the carpeted floor in the living room, and that I can already not see it.

He didn’t get it.

He did not think that I really pulled a tick off of the dog. Therefore he did not understand my distress.

We have two small children. One who is learning to crawl. A tick burrowed into the carpet waiting for something to hitch a ride on is not exactly a great environment for a crawling baby.

I spent the next hour scouring every tuft of anything on our BROWN carpet. Nothing. Checked all over my CHARCOAL couch. Nothing. After what was at least an hour, S checked the dog and saw the spot where the tick was attached. Blood and all. At least now he believed that I found a tick

Now he moved on to, “We’re never going to find it”. He thinks that they are fast.

Really?  Have you never encountered a tick before? “No” …… sigh.

At this point I moved on to the idea that Scarlet recollected the tick. She’s so sweet. After a couple deep breaths I convinced myself that I will not flip out when I find the tick. Because I will find it, in her fur, and have to pull it out. Scouring the first half of her body went by uneventful. The back paw was not quite as fun free.

I saw it. That brown ugly thing. I was squeamish. I didn’t grab it. S didn’t see it. Remember he was skeptic? He now doesn’t believe that I saw the tick. Really? Are you kidding me? You didn’t believe there even was one, and there was. Why would I dream this up? Not sure, but that is what he thought. He kept asking me, “Are you sure you saw it?”. He even went back to looking in the carpet a few times.

I finally gave up hope. Vacuumed the floor and decided to give the dog a bath. S got in bed.

How could I just give up? They lay eggs, and stuff. DS and DD are on the floor A LOT.

I asked him to watch the water as I bathe the dog. It is shedding season and clumps of fur were going to come out. When I got started he saw why I asked him to watch the draining water. He even suggested checking the fur clumps as some of them were large. Washing her only resulted in a clean dog. No tick sightings, or feelings. So we dried her off and climbed into bed at 3:30AM. I laid there for at least an hour awake. Searching online, tossing and turning, listening to Scarlet chew and scratch ….. angry, frustrated, and concerned that I didn’t find the tick.

So tell me how I woke up to this, in the open toilet in the bathroom? How did I not see it before going to bed? S said that it must have landed there when Scarlet shook after the shower. 
Really? REALLY?! Really, really?
How was this the first thing that I saw when I walked into the bathroom, yet I didn’t see it when I was going to bed? How did it fly off of her when my fingers couldn’t find it? How did it land in the toilet? Did it fall there from somewhere else?
I actually asked S if he found it and put it there ….. silly girl. He didn’t think it exhisted.
What did he say to me when I showed it to him? “Well at least I know you weren’t crazy”?
So now I wonder, are there more? …. ugh.
Have you ever had a similar situation? What happened, or what did you do?
I just wanted to say that while proof reading this post S came in with Starbucks for two. Love that man.

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