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Scarlet Loves Petbox

The Gemini Mama Petbox


“Hummmmm …. what to choose first?”


Poor Scarlet has had a rough year. It started with her attack, and her health has continued to be a bit of a roller coaster ride. Her most recent struggle has been with her skin. It has taken two long months but, we have determined that she has developed allergies. Don’t ask me what to, because we are still working on that.


With all that she has had going on she is definitely due for some spoiling. That is why when PetBox offered to send her a box for review we barked at the opportunity.

The Gemini Mama PetBox img

While Scarlet was off to the vet to have her teeth cleaned we came home to this lovely blue box sitting on our door step. PS There are no shipping charges for your PetBox! I thought that would be perfect for Scarlet to come home to, except I didn’t take anesthesia into consideration.


With this being her first PetBox she didn’t notice it was in the house. Score, for keeping surprises a surprise!


Mug shot.


Not really, she was too excited to sit still.



I love the “surprise me” or “choose items” options. This box was a “surprise me” and it was great. The “choose items” option is perfect for us now that I know Scarlet has allergies. I can choose to avoid ingredients that effect her.


What was inside?


High quality products that I feel great giving to my pet. Our surprise box has a few grooming items, a few treats, and even a cute pink and white bow tie. Yes pink, because she is a lady, and PetBox knows because they asked.


I met a few of the PetBox ladies at the San Diego get fit party S and I went to last month. My initial thought was that they were out of place with their display table there. After looking over their site, and viewing some of  the treat options they offer, PetBox totally belonged there. There are plenty of healthy treats to choose from for your pets. They are focused on making our pets more healthy, and happy which is great.

DSC_0015 (3)


In the end the Aussie ear was Scarlet’s first choice. Mommy’s first choice, the FURminator.


Our next PetBox will be filled with toys and grooming supplies! You get to select about 6 items to arrive in your box each month, and those are things that we need.


What I love about PetBox

  • More than just treats
  • Healthy pet options
  • Shipping is included (seriously last minute price increases kill me)
  • They feed a rescue animal with each box shipped (I love all the animals, not just mine)
  • You can choose your items, so there is never a box full of junk you don’t want, won’t use, and isn’t right for your pet
  • High quality products


Are ready to give PetBox a try?! Use this code:


and save 10%!!


Check back Tuesday 2/25 for a giveaway!


What would you get in your first PetBox?

*Disclosure, I received a PetBox in hope that I would complete a review. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own and might be different than yours.

Just a few insta’s

Such a quiet week for me on instagram, but so much happening. Strange.



If you have an android device and you are not playing 5’s yet, don’t. I mean do. I mean I have no idea where your time and battery life will go. It is quick, fun, addicting, and free. I played a few games while waiting in line at the vet yesterday. Also 15,550 is my high score, beat that!

The Gemini Mama PetBox img


Scarlet got a surprise! Check back tomorrow to see what was inside.



This week is apparently doggy themed.


My kids lay all over Scarlet all the time. She doesn’t mind. She takes whatever they have to give out. Now that I no longer put up a gate to keep kiddos in the bedroom at nap time she wanders in. Then this. She sleeps right next to K1’s bed. Out of anywhere in the room she could have laid, she chose next to her. Awe. It sweet when you get to see little things like this. I know for certain that the love is not a one way street. With out these little moments I just wonder, now I know.


Scarlet is actually listening to K1 now a days. I wondered how long this would take. K1 is almost 4 now. Scarlet will sit, lay down, and go eat when K1 commands. We are working on her “giving kisses” to K1 when she asks, but that has been a hard one.


That’s it for our short week. What were you up to?

Another Week in Photos

After working at 4 this morning I came home and went back to bed. Real exciting stuff over here.


We have an exciting day planned for the kids so I will be brief.


Wanna follow along? I’m GT4936 on instagram.


IMG_20131011_115716Another day at Balboa park. We are getting our money’s worth from our science center membership. The Navy was apparently doing PT. They were singing the whole time, and this little guy was stunned. All I could really make out what “Go Navy go!”

IMG_20131011_140922Grid locked at the Starbucks drive thru. Sometimes I treat myself after the gym, but it’s a juggling act. I don’t want either of the kids to fall asleep before we get home. I was lunch to happen first, oh and both kids to sleep at the same time. Lines like these do not work in my favor.

IMG_20131011_144519K1 is 3.5 years old, and has loved on this dog since she could scoot herself over to her. This day, she learned that there was a way to call Scarlet over and she would listen. End result, not napping. She was so happy that Scarlet listened I couldn’t even break it up. It was so sweet.

IMG_20131012_143053Christmas gift crafting

IMG_20131013_205634And more Christmas crafting

IMG_20131014_154655Questioning what to do on this Christmas craft. I want the pennants to say L-O-V-E …. just need to figure out the best way (I didn’t attach them yet).


It looks like all I did all week is craft but I assure you I did not. I did a bunch of crafting two days and none since I hit a wall.

IMG_20131017_113455I had another migraine Wednesday evening. I have hereditary migraines, and a few very obvious triggers. Thursday I decided to quit coffee for a while. I still took myself to Starbucks, I just got Green tea instead. It used to be my thing, back before kids, and coffee.


Don’t worry I won’t quit coffee forever, I need to at the start for a few weeks. Then later I can have it occasionally. Caffeine is a migraine trigger, so I should have it everyday. I’m kind of setting myself up if I do.


October is Bully-prevention awareness month, and yesterday was Spirit day. I shared a letter I wrote to K1 yesterday. You can read it here. While your there enter in my Giveaway.


What were you up to this week?

life rearranged






Another Week In Photos

Horay, it’s Friday!

Oh wait I still work the next several days. Oh, and I have a song to find time to translate by next week. Yay!


Well here on Friday’s I recap the week, insta-style.  You know, a little more of the story behind the photo (if there is one).


I’m gt4936 on instagram if you want to follow along.


Back in Jan after my dog was attacked I was concerned she would be forever changed. She was, but not in the ways that I was thinking. I realize that I never updated you about her. I was a bit caught up at the time. Healing is a process, not something that happens overnight.

Scarlet limps now. I call her “Old Lady”, not “pup,” or “puppy” anymore. It’s more fitting. She is as sweet as she ever was. Just as loving, just as gentle. She’s too good to us all, especially my kids.


We went “camping” at a friends house this week. It was a fun time. They really put on a great party. Bounce house and all. This guy. He was the last straw.


Daddy was ready to take down the tent and go when we went to bed. It was ultra late for our kiddos at 10:30. An hour or so later K1 decided to stand up in bed and pee. Right. There. Standing. Up. Daddy asked to leave then, but I just changed out the sleeping bag and laid back down. Mind you our kids were getting sick, and there was lots of coughing going on in our tent.


Then randomly K2 woke up screaming. For no reason (at least that we know of). Inconsolably. 30 minutes later I said okay. He packed us up and we left.


I was standing next to this guy (so he didn’t cry) while daddy took down our tent and such. Together we looked through instagram, and listened to coyotes. It wasn’t a complete waste.


Before bed fun (and tent packing).


These two, have the same name.  She was so sweet with him. Took him by the hand. Blew bubbles with him. Took off his shoes, and bounced with him. He loved it.


I didn’t realize this week was the K2 show. Sorry about that.


Last nights dinner. Accidentally vegan (accidentally because I wasn’t looking for a vegan recipe). Apple, butternut squash soup. It was very tasty. I am not a big soup fan, but my family is so I try to accommodate.


Thursdays need easy dinners. I’ll have to do more like this. Right after I get an immersion blender. I need one of those. Spooning stuff into a food processor and pouring it into another container is for the birds.



That’s it!

What were you up to?

life rearranged

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That is correct.

We made it.

One whole year just you and I. Thank you for joining and reading along. My random banter, daily musing’s, and such.

I have had a busy week or so now, and I think things are settling back into place.

  • The puperino (dog) is back home from the doggy hospital for the second time. With a new round of medications and fun things to do to care for her.
  • I have almost completed my homework due Thursday night. The part that is not finished is going to be terrible, I have already tried three times.

That seems to be most of what has been consuming my mind lately. Two things. I know. Mix in two kiddos to chase around, and well, that is about all my little noggin can hold.

On a positive note,

  • The little man K2 shakes his head “yes” now
  • He also spins ….. you know like dancing
  • K1 got to see half of Shrek, and has been talking about “The green princess” all day
  • The owner of the dogs who hurt Scarlet is still taking care of everything
  • We will not go over our food budget this week, and have not all month
  • My blog is one year old!

It really is the small things in life.

What are some positives for you right now?


Affiliate link included.

When Dogs Bite

My heart is heavy today. My mind continues to wander back to a singe traumatic event.

Yesterday evening at 4:21 PM my dog was attacked by two dogs. After such a pleasant day. Trip to the airplane museum, and cooking a new vegan recipe for dinner. They were pit bulls, possibly mixes. One did not appear to be on a leash. The second was leashed, but overpowered his owner who was not alert, or aware of what was going on. This attacked lasted more than 5 minutes long, and up to just under 10 minutes. No over dramatic exaggeration.  
My floppy, furry, no longer a puppy, English Springer Spaniel, is in the doggy hospital, where she will remain for at least 3 more days. She will have a consult with a surgeon tomorrow morning, when I will get more information. For now her breathing is stable, which is important, as one of her injuries is a pneumomediastinum. (air bubble between her lungs) That is the only injury which is life threatening. She will survive.

Baby guardian
I know that her survival, and recovery are not my worry. If she never has use of her leg again, another of her injuries, she will still get around. She can still be happy. No, my worries are for her mental health. After the hospital, after her injuries have healed, then. I worry because no human could make it through such an attack without mental injury. A human might be afraid of Pit bulls forever, worse even, all dogs, or maybe the park, jogging, the activity that was taking place at the time of the attack. A dog may be no different. Then she may not be happy. 

Side kicks, best buds.

There are several variables.Here are just a few that I have thought of already;
 My dog might become aggressive all the time. While I think it unlikely due to her demeanor prior to this attack, I can not rule it out. 
Most likely she will suffer from fear aggression. The attack when she’s scared type. My concern with this is how she will react when the kids come up behind her without warning. Also there is some concern for other dog. There is behavior training for this type of thing, but it just takes time. Time that may be difficult to wait through with two small children. However, not impossible, but very very concerning.
Fear of dogs. While this is large concern, it will not ruin our lives, or hers. It will be a challenge, but life will not be impossible. 
She could be afraid of that park, jogging, or any place were leashed animals may be. Again, she could still live a happy life this way, it will just be an added challenge. 
I am most worried about the aggressive possibilities. I am sad to think that after all the time she will be spending in the hospital and time recovering, if she becomes aggressive her time with us will be done. I guess I do not have to think about those things today, but as a mother of two it would be silly to bury my head in the sand and pretend those chances don’t exist. 

Not the brightest or most clear photo, but here the two princesses are trying to nap in the summer heat.
There IS something positive to take from this, at least so far. I have gone jogging for several years. Yes I took a few years off after an ACL repair, and two kiddos. Either way, I have never jogged with more than my cell phone, my dog, and doggie bags. Occasionally I had an iPod, and sometimes no cell phone. It looks as though maybe something like pepper spray would have helped. Helped to stop the attack. I have never owned such a thing, or considered taking it with me. However, while jogging my dog is not the only one who might be in danger, what about myself? I never considered such a thing, until last night. I will be getting some soon. I am sad that this is how the message was delivered, however I do understand it.
As someone very wise pointed out to me yesterday, I am very glad that my children were not on the list of witnesses. I could not imagine, my daughters face. Hey crying and screaming. Would she be afraid of all dogs too? I am very glad that today, that is not my concern.

Basking in the morning quiet before the kids wake up.
Do you carry Mace or Pepper spray? Some of the time or all the time? Do you have a plan in the event of an attack?

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