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Dance Class

wpid-PicsArt_1380228278775.jpgI imagine that a few of you might have been curious how dance class has been going. I have had a very hard time taking pictures that are actually worth sharing. I did snatch a few videos to share with daddy, so that he could see her in class.

wpid-PicsArt_1380228614336.jpgI wanted to get a few pictures before her first class started. Most of the time you aren’t “supposed” to take photo’s during the classes at the YMCA. Just in case this one was the same, I wanted to keep the moment. You know to savor for all times and stuff.


I asked her to do an arabesque for a photo, and this is what I got. Thriller anyone?

wpid-PicsArt_1380228740112.jpgAnd then class started. No longer so sure about it.


Every move the instructor asked them to do she said, “I don’t know how to do that.” Duh …. that’s why we are here, isn’t it?

wpid-PicsArt_1380228969575.jpgShe finally got to hear what her tap shoes really sound like. Now this is something that she can get into!


The instructor the first day was actually a sub. She has no children, and not yet figured out how to effectively guide them. Picture 5 girls, in tap shoes, running. In circles. For 15 minutes. K1 had fun tho.

wpid-20130918_100935.jpgThe second week, with the regular instructor, was much better. It also helped that K1 knew what to expect in class.

wpid-PicsArt_1380229313932.jpgPosition 3, or is it 4, I don’t know. This position, she can do all on her own without any help. The other positions she needs help moving her feet into the correct places.

wpid-PicsArt_1380229457281.jpgNo need to teach her to love herself. She’s got that down.


At the end of the next session there is a recital. Complete with tickets to be purchased and props for the routine. I am excited for her already. It’s going to be so cute. November 23, mark your calendar.


This weeks class will have another sub, and it’s a guy. Let’s see how this goes!

Dance Mom

This is not what I planned to post about today, but you know,  life doesn’t go as planned.


Tomorrow I will become a dance mom. Don’t worry, I’m not getting all crazy or anything, she’s three. I am going to take K1 to dance class for the first time tomorrow morning. Just like that all spontaneous and stuff. We have been planning it for a while and finally got the last pieces to our puzzle today and I’m going to make it happen for her.


When she gets to dancing this girl is just a blurr.


She has wanted to dance for a while. She claims that she is a ballerina. I’m not sure how she even knows what a ballerina is. I did take her to the Nutcracker ballet last December. I never expected her to remember that.


Two seasons ago we watched a few episodes of So you Think you can Dance together. She we mesmorized. To the point that I actually looked at getting tickets to the tour show. Yeah $50 a seat for myself and a 2 year old, no thanks.


So somehow I just know in my bones that there isn’t going to come a day where she lays on the floor and says “mommy I don’t wanna dance today.” This is why I know that tomorrow I become a dance mom. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. Only time will tell.


Just a note, I didn’t do dance. So basically, I have no idea what we’re getting into, but it’s gonna be fun.


Oh and three year olds tapping? Too.much.cute. I already asked daddy if K2 could take tap. We’ll see how that goes over.


Did you take dance? Do/did your kids? What was your expierence?

Disney Days

Sometimes you just decide to bite the bullet and go to Disney.

K1 got to meet her favorite princess, live in person.
She even gave hugs to a few more princesses.
Shared birthday cake with a friend.

Hopefully while you are there something happens that makes you think it was worth it.

For us, it was our daughter turning into a dancing queen. I had never seen or heard of Phineas and Ferb before, neither had K1. Music and a place to break it down was all she needed.

Who knew that I could still hula hoop?
Trying to copy the girls who resemble girl scouts.
“V! You do it like this!”
This was not necessarily the best take with Lightning McQueen, but I love it. Everyone is too busy to look at the camera. Little girls are chatting about movies, a little boy excited to touch a car, and a daddy hoping he isn’t messing the picture up while balancing kiddos on knees.
One day in California Adventure was not enough to get everything done. Kids move at their own pace, and there’s only so much hustling and shuffling you can do. Either way the trip was for them, so we also had a “why rush” attitude.

K1 was upset. She was waiting in line for Lightning, except he was there, but leaving. I thought Mater was just as good. No mom. He might have been if no one ever saw Lightning, but now that we saw the flash of red go by, that is all we want. My bad.

I guess it really qualifies as “The happiest place on earth.” I am strangely already looking forward to taking the kids back sometime.

Have you done Disney? What was your experience?

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I Want To Dance

I really enjoy dancing. Like a lot. For me it always has been a lot of fun. However, I feel that there comes a time where certain types of dancing are unacceptable. You know like bumping and grinding in front of Grandma at a wedding, might be somewhat inappropriate, in my opinion. It’s kind of like making out in front of your parents. You can do it, but you feel weird/wrong doing so. Aside from that, you grow up and bumping and grinding looses some of its allure. Your no longer looking for attention or you understand the negative attention that comes with it.

Well my grown up 30 year old self still wants to dance. I want to dance like they do in the following video. Fast Lindy Hop. I can see S and I dancing like the third couple to come out in this video (Max and Alice). So fun. Wholesome music you don’t mind the kids hearing, same heart pumping dancing action. Oh, and this type of dancing not only would I not mind Grandma watching, but I would actually wanna show off for her. Oh and please feel free to ignore the first couple that comes out. I’m not a fan of their style. And if it matters to you, the second couple to come out (red skirt) win this particular competetion.

If you enjoyed watching that video watch this next one too. This one is super fun. It’s like all the best moves in one video. All the parts that make you go ooh and ahh. The hibernating gymnast in me is screaming “I can do that”!

I very much want to go and take lessons. The closest place to me is 45 mins away, and beginner class is only on Wed at 7. For S and I to go together it would be cutting it close. Add in the variable of a babysitter and the fact that it’s $72 for two, for 4 weeks, and well, we haven’t signed up. Mostly cause of the “what if we don’t have a sitter” concern. I want to go so bad I might even be willing to go alone. Maybe for my birthday or something.

Maybe I can try learning from a DVD, or Youtube. I mean Youtube did teach me to knit, so why not? I’m thinking that will be my next step.

Do you know how to Lindy Hop? Have you used a video to learn to dance? If so what company made it?


Whatever I Want To Be – Childrens CD Review

CD now available on Amazon Whatever I Want to Be!!

It is pretty common knowledge that children love music. My children are no exception. My neighbor thinks I’m crazy with my “kids music” playing all day long. She asks me how I do it? Well with albums like “Whatever I Want To Be” it is easy. “Whatever I Want to be” presented by Young Avenue Kids, is a creative children’s album set to classical tunes that most adults recognize. In the day and age of streaming Internet and Sirius radio it is hard to imagine that there is still room as a parent to be frustrated musically. I still find that I am. Between commercials, mixed messages, and bad song choices I love that I can just pop in a CD set it to repeat, and I know that it is always the right mood for my kids. Some days we want every song to be up beat and perky, and other days we are okay with whatever is thrown at us.

I was excited when this album was sent our way. We listen to music every day, and this album has a great mix of fun and up beat, relaxed and slow, and what are to me, almost lullaby’s  I was genuinely surprised that my daughter was upset that I paused the song to hear what was going on outside. (helicopters people searching, no big deal) She really loved the songs, after hearing them just the first time. She has asked every day to hear “my new CD”. I have found that she really loves the excitement of “Blast Off With Suppe'”. I also enjoy “Clean Up Time”, because at this age that message never gets old. 
I also enjoyed that these were not all “little kiddie songs”. You know the ones that drive you batty in about three one minute. These are songs that my kids will continue to grow into. Which is great considering they are at ages where all they do is grow out of stuff. These songs are geared toward children ages 2-8 and the messages in the songs are, in my opinion perfect. Picture guilt free dance party, minus the Hokey-pokey. Just insert “That’s the Way to Brush Your Teeth”, the “up and down” and “forward, back” in addition to other words make great dance time signals. It’s great I know.

Want it?! 
“Whatever I Want To Be” is set for release May 28th, and will be available online at, iTunes, CDBaby, and in select retail stores throughout the U.S. 

Can’t wait?!

Check out Young Avenue Kids. There you will find a fun Orchestra/Composers Quiz, and for our younger kiddos coloring pages that coordinate with the album songs and instruments. (Why make a trip to the store, just print these out) I love this feature. I have learned that kids need things to come full circle, and this really helps. 

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This is not a sponsored post. Disclosure, I was given a copy of this CD to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own, and may differ from yours. These are my honest opinions.  
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