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Planting Maters Tutorial

Planting Maters Tutorial


I am the kind of person who likes to come up with original ideas. It could be the competitor in me, or the artist. I am not exactly sure which side it comes from. Either way it has always been important to me, as far back as I can remember. When it came to hosting my #DisneySide party I have to admit I was a bit stumped, and Pinterest didn’t really have much to offer beyond sugary snacks. In my expierence other than cake, cookies, or cupcakes the kids don’t care what snacks are there, they will eat it or won’t. No, for kids it is all about the activities, so I needed to have some good ones.


After watching Cars two nights in a row the week of the party I finally had an idea. It was the line in the movie when Mater meets Lightning for the first time. Mater says his name, “Mater. Like Ta-mater, with out the “ta.” That was when I knew what I wanted to do with the kids. Plant to-maters, or tow-maters. How ever you would like to spell it. A play on words is fun, and cute, but the 3-5 age range won’t really pick up on that. To make it more Mater-like, I wanted the pots to look like Mater. Tada! Today’s craf-tiviy was born.


Planting “Maters”

You will need;

  • Seed starter pots
  • White paper
  • Tomato seeds
  • Glue of choice
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Dirt
  • Water
  • Children willing to help


You could easily use any cup you wanted for the purpose of this activity, but I chose the seed start pots because they are already brown like Mater, and they can go straight into the ground the way they are.


The first step is to make your pots look like mini Maters. Start by cutting your white paper to look like Mater’s windshield. After you have cut out your windshields cut small rectangles for his two front teeth.


Then glue on googly eyes. I chose to use white glue because it is less toxic than other choices, but it will also dissolve with too much water. Just something to keep in mind, because they might fall off from too much watering. Also Mater’s eyes are actually green, so you could skip the glue and let your little crafters draw in his eyes, with crayons or markers.


Next attach your “eyes” to the top of the pots.


Glue on his two front “teeth.”


Honestly everything up to this point could easily be done by even the smallest crafters. Being that I did this as an activity for a party, I chose to make them in advance. Waiting for glue to dry can be hard, so I wanted to skip that step. When we do this again in the future I will have my kids do 100% of the work. I will make a template of the windshield from cardboard for them to trace.


Now onto the dirty part. Dirt being the key word.


Fill those pots with dirt!




Fill them all the way to the brim, because the soil will settle as you water it.


Now it is time to add seeds! I chose to use cherry tomatoes because they can grow easily in a pot, and I wasn’t sure what all of our guests would do with them. I wanted everyone to have a chance to watch their “Maters” grow.



Once the seeds are in place it’s time to WATER! These kids loved watering their new plants.


Lot’s of helpers.



Then find a sunny windowsill for Mater to sunbathe in and watch your tomatoes grow.


It almost looks like Mater sprouted hair!


What is your favorite activity to do with/or have kids do, at a party? What are your children’s favorite party activities?

Fall Family Festival

Saturday we went to the Fall Family Festival put on by our local YMCA. It was a fun time, as expected.


Daddy went with us too. He is great at making fun things even more fun.


Under age sack races?
This guy K2, loved the bubbles.

You know those things that we blow on the steps outside our house? His.favorite.part.of the whole festival. 

He didn’t even try to jump In the kiddie pool filled with bubbles like some of the other kids. He was great. He just didn’t want to do anything else. Nothing.
Puppet shows put on by kiddos.
Jump-y obstacle course thing.
K1 couldn’t wait to get her shoes off to go on the jump-y thing. K2, well he tried. It wasn’t his cup of tea.
K1’s favorite part, were the crafts.
She really enjoyed them. There were edible crafts and art crafts. She was content with either.

We left with the colorful fall page you see in the pictures. She also went on to paint it. After painting her scene she made a cool coffee filter butterfly, which is now hanging up at home.

At the festival I learned that, while my three year thinks she understands what waiting in line means, she really doesn’t.

We waited in line for a balloon animal three times, and left with out one. She also waited in line for the jump course twice before actually having a turn.

We will get there eventually. There was a moment there where I thought we were just going to wait in line all morning. I’m glad we didn’t.

It was a nice Saturday morning. I love our YMCA. They take care of us.

What were you up to this weekend?

Another Week In Photos

Happy Friday everyone! We have all survived another week.

I realized this week that I really haven’t been taking very many photos. I haven’t been using my DSLR or phone. I am not exactly sure why either. I guess K2 has reached the point where I need to be more hands on. I have also been totally okay with just leaving my phone in the bag, car, or house.

This is his sister’s hat. Not only did he find it on his own, he also got it on his head without help. He then walked around naked all morning with just the hat on. He acted as if it wasn’t even there. He usually takes hats off if you put them on. Just getting a photo of him in a hat is a feat.

This floppy cow girl hat with a purple flower, no problem. Southern Belle at heart.


The other afternoon for some reason when I said “I love you” at nap time, it just made him cry. Like cry his eyes out cry. So I picked him up and rocked him. That both calmed his crying down and put him to sleep.

I decided to take his pillow off of his bed to lay back and savor the moment. It is likely the last time I’ll have one of my babies sleep on me, because well, they aren’t babies anymore.

Laying there I realized that those little moments are what mommies and daddies crave when their babies are babies no more. Hence big family’s.


The big lunch time debate; Is daddy at home, or at work?

These two get so spirited when arguing with each other. Neither one backs down. The can’t stand to be seperated either. One goes to time out, they are both in time out. It’s silly.

They are two strong personalities. From parents each with strong personalities. Look out world. Oh, and someone reserve me some counseling in 10 years, I’m gonna need it.

Yesterday we had a playground play date planned with some friends. The bathroom closest to the playground was closed and we went into the library. We were lucky and found out that it was preschool story time! So the girls got do to an unplanned craft. They made cute little sheep. K1 was very excited about her’s.

What were you up to?

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