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Too Many Teddies Review and Giveaway 3/10-3/24 US and Canada

The Gemini Mama Too Many Teddies


I am really excited to share this book with you today.


Too Many Teddies


We were sent a copy of Too Many Teddies so that we could check it out, and I love it. I mean the kids love it. Actually we all do. My kids have asked me to read them this book at bedtime every night for the past week.


This is an entertaining story about Trixie and her love of teddies. Her teddies kind of take over her family’s lives a little. Just look at the cover photo, which is also happens to be a page in the book.


I love that this book is not only an engaging story for my children, but it gives them a good lesson too. They learn about giving, and how giving can feel good too. Side note, I think that we need to follow Trixie’s lead. We have lots of teddies too.



The pages in this book are illustrated cover to cover. It is bright and cheerfully done. The artwork does a great job of portraying the story, and keeps readers engaged. We have read this book every night since it has come to our home, and my kids “read” it to themselves periodically throughout the day. Thanks to the beautiful illustrating they are not yet bored with this book.


The pages of this book do not contain too many words, and I could also see this as a book suitable for new readers.


From Amazon;

Too Many Teddies tells the story of Trixie, a little girl who has accumulated way too many stuffed toys. Even though Trixie loves all her teddies, she has to admit that things have gotten way out of hand, especially when she’s crowded out of her own bed. The solution that Trixie and her mother come up with certainly isn’t easy for a girl who is attached to her toys, but in the end, Trixie learns the value of giving and makes a whole bunch of new friends.

A fun-to-read story that incorporates themes of philanthropy and generosity and also promotes the value of a less-cluttered living space, Too Many Teddies will win your heart.


Want Too Many Teddies too?


You can purchase Too Many Teddies on Amazon today.

If you would like to win a copy of Too Many Teddies, please enter with the Giveaway Tool below! This giveaway is open to all US and Canada (void in Quebec) residents, ages 18 and older. Canadian residents must answer the skill question on the Giveaway Tools form in order to participate. The giveaway will run from March 10, 2014 through March 24, 2014 at 11:59 PM PST.  Entries will be verified.  Winner will be notified via email, and will have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize or another winner will be selected.

Good luck!



Gwen from The Gemini Mama received a copy of this book to facilitate her review, no other compensation was received. YOU BLOG HERE, and all participating blogs are not responsible for prize fulfillment.  This giveaway is in no way associated with social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Heather the Scared Tooth Fairy – Review

Heather the scared tooth fairy on The Gemini Mama


It has been a while since we have had a new children’s book over here. I was given the opportunity to review a copy of Heather the Scared Tooth Fairy, and decided to give it a whirl.


Heather, the Scared Tooth Fairy

This book is unique book because the illustrations are all hand drawn, and the book is written, illustrated, and published by a mother daughter team. How exciting!


You should know usually prior to agreeing to review a book, I look it up online and do a preliminary check. It gives me a better idea of what to expect, and if it would be a good fit for us. I did not do that with this book. I can’t say exactly why, I just didn’t. The description seemed perfect, and I just went with it.


From Amazon;

At tooth fairy school, Heather is too scared to meet her new flight teacher to go to school. Find out what silly and amazing things happen when Heather meets her new flight teacher for the first time.


I have to admit when it first arrived I was a little bit disappointed. I am not sure what I was expecting, but I was totally judging the book by it’s cover. Bad mom move. Being that my kids love books and story time we read it despite my dismay. My kids were completely unphased with my lackluster for the book. They were immediately sucked into the story. The words “a hush fell over the crowd” would describe what happened perfectly.


We went on a fun adventure with Heather. I enjoyed how the story rhymed, which made it fun to read. I also love that the story really flows with the imagination of a child, because I think that is why K1 was so into the book. I also thought that the illustrations in the story might inspire her artwork some.


I know my daughter really enjoyed this story. I read this book to her at bedtime and then the kids immediately went to sleep. When K1 (my 3 year old) woke up in the middle of the night she started telling me about the tooth fairy. How cute! I really thought much of the story was over her head, but after that I knew she was both paying attention, and enjoyed it.


The Verdict

After my initial judgement of the book I realized that I was wrong. I am glad that I did not check it out online before saying yes to review it, because we likely would have missed out on a fun read. This is a completely enjoyable story with cute hand drawn  illustrations. I also love the mother daughter team aspect.


Want this book? Great news! As of the date of this post, Heather, The Scared Tooth Fairy is available as a Kindle book for only 99 cents!


Just as a disclosure, I received this book in hopes that I would complete an honest review. All of the opinions expressed in this post are my own, and may differ from yours.

Letter of the Week D

Back on track and better than before. Well, minus the part where we did letter D for two weeks instead of one. After our vacation waiting for requested books to arrive at the library took longer than anticipated. (FYI Amazon affiliate links included in this post for books and dvd listed)

As I told you I would in the beginning, we are still using letter of the week as a loose guide. Here is their list for letter D.


For read aloud books we only followed three from her list, but that was all that we really needed (you will see why in a minute).


Danny and the Dinosaur – This book was by far my kids favorite. I mean, they already like dinosaurs, so this was perfect. We read this book several times, and I can see us owning this book in the future. It’s a story about a boy who loves dinosaurs and wishes to play with one, like a pet, and then gets to. It is a cute story.

Duncan the Dancing Duck – Was great for K1 as she still loves everything related to anything dance.
One Duck Stuck: A Mucky Ducky Counting Book – or as my kids called it “The duck mud book.” This book was fun to read, and it was easy to involve the kids in the story. It includes counting, up to the number 10. I had fun asking them what animal or insect they thought would arrive next to help the duck. I also let them tell me what animal or insect was on the page before reading it to them.


Since I am getting better at this, I was included geography and science this week.


For science we learned about doves, dolphins, and dandelions. I wanted to plant dandelion bulbs as an activity for the week, but couldn’t find any. (So when you do this, plan ahead, unlike me.)


These are books not from the list. The books pictured I selected myself, based on availability and what I thought my kids would like.


Last Saturday we went to a tree farm, where they have tropical birds on site. (If you are in San Diego county check out Bonita Creek Nursery.) While we were there we got to see two different types of doves, up close and personal. One pair were even sitting on eggs. This worked out great because the National Geographic Pocket Guide to the Birds of North America I just got so that I could talk about them verbally. It did include a picture of each bird, but it was rather small, as the books purpose is to provide facts.


National Geographic Readers: Dolphins – As I expected from National Geographic, this book included great photos, and interesting facts. K1 is really grasping everything that I throw at her, so she remembered many details from this book after we read it. Did you know Orca’s are dolphins? I didn’t. Apparently many whales are dolphins.


Why Oh Why Are Deserts Dry?: All About Deserts (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library) – This book was full of usefull facts presented with colorful illustrations that are typical of any Cat in the Hat book. What was perfect is that I also checked out Ecology: Life In The Deserts, a DVD about the desert. It contained all the same information the Cat in the Hat book delivered in a different medium. They worked well together, and K1 asked to watch the movie about the deserts more than once, which was a surprise. Just thought I would add that the DVD is short, only about 20-30 minutes.


I was proud of her for being about to tell me facts about the desert without being reminded. PS. Antarctica is the largest desert. I didn’t actually know it was a desert. Good thing I am learning along with her!


We also practiced writing the letter D as well. I find it odd that the curriculum on their site doesn’t include writing at all, but maybe it is obvious.


I have already requested the books for letters E and F. Bring on next week, we are ready!


Have you used letter of the week to teach your children? Are any of these books your kids favorite?





Inspire Me To ….. Book Giveaway US only Ends 12/10

Welcome to the Inspire Me To…Book Giveaway!

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inspire me to books

Need a great gift idea for a special child in your life? The Gemini Mama readers all know that we love books in our house, so how about a personalized book from Inspire Me To…? They were founded by a busy mom of three, who wanted to help build strong morals and self-confidence in her children through adorable children’s books. These books not only teach important life lessons, but also allow your child to be an important part of the writing process. I have in previous years given personalized books as Christmas gifts, and I would do so again. Books are a timeless gift for kids of all ages, and seeing their name in print helps bring the story home for them. I know my daughter immediately connects with books that just have the same names as some of her friends.
Jennifer at Simply At Home Mom was given the opportunity to review one of these fun books with her son. You can read the full review HERE.
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Twas The Night Before Christmas

Everyone knows that famous poem, turned book. Lot’s of family’s read it to their children every year.


Are they listening to exactly what they are saying? What unintentional message could they be sending their children?


I was raised in a non smoking home. My children are raised in a non smoking home. I have nothing against other people smoking. Except of course when they are filling my kids room with cigarette smoke, then I get cranky. I have friends who smoke, but they naturally don’t do it around my kids. Other than when K1 first came home from NICU I never felt I had to ask anyone to change their shirt or go somewhere else. They just did it of their own accord.


So on the daily I don’t think about it. I don’t worry about strangers walking by, because playgrounds and public buildings are all non smoking, so it never comes up.  My astute three year old daughter has never even seemed to notice.


When I was contacted about a version of Twas the Night Before Christmas, that was non smoking, “edited by Santa for the 21st century,” I was a bit surprised. Surprised because initially I couldn’t remember their being any smoking in the story. My curiosity piqued I checked it out online and promptly agreed to review the book. I mostly agreed, because I was curious how the story was changed. Was it worthy of our Christmas book rotation?


In short this book  is very worthy of our Christmas book list. The images are bright, and colorful, with an appropriate number of words per page. I think this Santa, and artwork are very cute. They kind of make or break the story. The book is described as staying true to Clememt C. Moore’s portrayal of Christmas Eve and it does. I was concerned that the changes to the story would affect the flow or feeling, but that is not at all the case.


Basically, in the version Santa kicked the habit,  so he’s not sucking on a pipe with a wreath of smoke around his head. Which is great.


I said I’m not against smoking, and I’m not, but everyone knows it’s not exactly great for you. So I don’t need to normalize it by having my kids childhood idols doing it either. Honestly if this never came around, I might would have gotten an old faithful version for our home and never thought twice about it. I am glad this is available.


What Amazon has to say about this book;

Gold Medal Winner 2012 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Best Holiday Book. 1st place winner for the Global International Best Christian Children’s Book. This colorful and bright edition was created for young readers in mind. Attracting global media attention, The BBC, The View, The Colbert Report, New York Post, Huffington Post and many others for what the Kirkus Review calls a legitimate editing of the reference to the pipe and wreath of smoke for the first time in the history of this the most famous poem in the English language. This is the edition that is credited with having Santa stop smoking after 189 years and for taking a small bite out of history. The public health sector, parents, educators and grandparents have applauded and welcomed the addition of this child friendly edition. Printed on FSC certified paper from Wisconsin USA with vegetable ink dyes in hardcover, English, Spanish and French.


If you have decided you need to add this book to your collection, feel free to “dash away” here, Twas The Night Before Christmas: Edited by Santa Claus for the Benefit of Children of the 21st Century or keep your eyes peeled for it at your local book store.


For more info check out the web, Facebook, or Twitter.


My Friend Paris Books

Recently I was perusing my children’s book shelf and noticed there haven’t been any new additions lately.

After realizing this I was excited to receive two books from the My Friend Paris book series. I had not heard of any of these books before so I was interested to see what they were all about. I mean you say book to my kids and they’re happy, but it takes a teensy bit more than that for me.

The first one that we received was My Twins are Coming Home. 

Paris introduces herself in the very beginning of this book. As soon as I read that Paris was 3 years old, K1 said “like me!” That was all it took and she was won over. We actually read the next book first, so after reading this story she had a new love for Paris, not that she didn’t like her, just that now they were gonna be friends.

In this story Paris is telling us all about becoming a big sister, and what it was like while mommy was in the hospital.

I loved how bold and colorful the books were. The images were edge to edge with the words very clearly written over less detailed portions of the pictures.

I think that this book My Twins are Coming Home would be great for a few different reading categories.

I would have loved to have had this book to give to K1 before K2 came. The story is written from the perspective of the older sibling to be, and it could have helped some of the anxiety that children have when there is a new sibling on the way. They get confused and maybe feel left out. This story went over that without feeling like that was the goal. (I don’t know if the author intended that or not, but it’s pretty amazing)

Someone having twins would love this book. Maybe even little kiddos just reading (like really reading not pretending).

With the bright images and simple story lines, my daughter was completely sucked in. She already “reads” the pages to herself. (She’s memorized them from my reading, and I have only read each on 3 or 4 times) Paris is such a believable character for K1 that she has been asking me questions about her that I can’t answer.

We also received My Twins First Christmas.

Written and illustrated in the same style as the first book, both of my children were captivated. They both had lots to look at on each page and listed as I read the story, even K2 who is only 19 months old.

This book was a little longer than the first going over some of her family’s Christmas traditions, but it didn’t feel long if you know what I mean.

One thing I loved the most about this particular story, was how Paris talks about teaching “her twins” that not everyone celebrates Christmas. I personally think that it is important for children to realize that we are not all the same, and that goes with holidays too. For me it is important for our home to express to my children differences in life. I think it makes overall acceptance of each other easier, and I think the message is best received through things they enjoy, like play or reading. I guess that is why that part of the book stuck with me so much.

I learned from reading this story to my kids that sometimes it snows in San Francisco. Who knew? Not me? Oh and know K1 would like to go ice skating. All her friends do it. You know Tinkerbell and Paris. 

Since the first page of these books thoughtfully include an image of a few other books in the series K1 has already informed me which stories she would like to read next, and I might actually oblige her. 

You can buy these books here respectively,

My Twins are Coming Home

My Twins First Christmas

For more information about other books in the series or the author you can visit the My Friend Paris website.


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