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Another Week in Photos

I almost wanted to title this weeks post, “Just a couple insta’s” because that is what it really is. Sometimes the weeks go by so fast that my camera phone is just too far to pull out and snap a few everyday shots. I find that happens most when we are having too much fun. Which is good, and bad. Good because we are having fun, bad because without the photo I might not remember it later.


Any how I will get on with it.




I was trying out something a little different for this year’s valentine for daddy. In the end it was bright and cherry and fun, but did not make the cut. So I stamped it with a smiley and hung it on the fridge (where it still resides).


I realize now that I didn’t share my valentine for daddy with you all. I was simple and fancy all at the same time. Hand painted, hand stitched, fully equipped with a quote from Ghandi. It seemed fitting. Since I just came to this silly realization here are a few special non instagrammed photos;


In case you can not see it well enough to read, it says, “Where there is love, there is life” -Ghandi

Continuing along.



While daddy has been out of town training we have gone up a visited a few times. That means play time at parks we have never been to. How picturesque is this? If it weren’t so far away it would be a great place to get married. As nice as it is, not worth the drive.



This is cheating, but when I post a few days later than planned, because life, I can do what I want. I found this yesterday at the Disney store. Apparently they are coming out with another Tinker Bell movie in April. I am excited for the little miss. She will love it. I know this because she could watch all the Tinker Bell movies on repeat all day long. Also yesterday I also went into Target and they also had the Tinker Bell doll. She makes a pretty cute pirate. Okay, I admit it, I like the Tinker Bell movies too. They aren’t boring to watch, I get sucked in too. So new movie? Fun.


We had a Tinker Bell themed birthday for K1 last year, so now I am conflicted. I WAS planning on having a Frozen themed birthday since they LOVE Frozen, but now this. What is a mama to do? What would you do? I am planning on waiting a month as asking K1, but we will see what actually happens.


Hope you had a great week (and are ready for Monday)!

Happy Earth Day Birthday Princess

Happy Birthday to my very own, live in person, princes K1.

The teeny tiny NICU baby that made me a mama.

Often sweet, sometimes unruly, love of my life.

This little lady taught me a patience I never knew. That love at first sight really does exist. That there still is wonder in the world. That sometimes you just need to cry. That puppy dog eyes really do work.

I love the unprompted kisses and hugs. I will cherish them forever. I am so glad that she made us parents and pick us, we really love her.

Now we are off to plant Marigolds for Earth day.

Go out and plant something!


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