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Another Week In Photo’s

This week I am a bit tardy with this update. I had a friend over for the afternoon yesterday and it took up a good chunk of time. Birthday cake and all. I hope you will forgive me. 

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Last Friday we went to a mama meet-up pool party. It was clouded over and we didn’t spend much time in the pool, but there were lots of other friends and toys and the kiddos had a great time. One mama busted this out. It looked pretty, but not very good for a migraine prone mama.

Since the stopping of breast feeding those hereditary migraines are coming back. I didn’t notice how few I have had, until the daily headaches came back. Boo.

At the Reuben H Fleet Science center here in San Diego they have this “Kid City” area upstairs, which is loads of fun for kiddos under (I think) 5. We went again this past week, and decided to bite the bullet and get a membership. Some how I failed to notice and “exhibit only” membership before, otherwise we would have already been members.

Firetrucks are a fairly recent love for this guy. He was in, on, or around the thing the whole time. Easy to find him, right?

Mommy and daddy have continued to work out together at home.

One day last week, daddy wanted to work out early. Like before the kids went to sleep. We set them up outside and got to it. It was cute, K1 and another neighborhood kid joined in. She asked even told us the next day that we didn’t work out. It was kind of funny, cause she’s 9. When she realized that’s what we were coming outside to do she asked her mom if they could stay longer. It totally made me smile. 

Nap time. Pretty much every day this week. Challenging and a struggle. Wrapped up, he passes out in just a few minutes. And I thought my baby wrapping days were almost over.

Not the best photo I have ever taken, but I had to take it through the window in the kitchen. I didn’t want to scare him away. A little dragonfly visited my garden. K1 and K2 both got to see it before scaring it off with their excitement.

Colorful lunches. I try. They tore it up.

Remember how I was talking about my fancy iced beverage container that I forgot to take with me to Starbucks? I found it like this in the freezer the next day. This is the second on that has broken in my possession. I am beginning to think that I shouldn’t have one. I made me very sad to find it this way tho. I’m silly like that. 

Beach-y morning meet-up = sand babies

It’s okay. That was the plan. I totally could have brought my book to read, they were playing together so nicely.

Before picking up my friend yesterday, we stopped at a playground on Coronado island. I have taken K1 there before and it’s pretty sweet, so I made it a point to have enough time to stop there.

From the top there he could see the street and all the cars and trucks passing by. “Big truck!!”

What were you up to?


On working out

You may or may not realize that I have been back to the gym for the last three, going on four months. It feels good. The first week back was rough because little K2 had separation anxiety. After a hard core week of going every day and pushing for as much time as possible, he can now stay in child watch at the Y for as long as I need. That is as long as his sister is in there with him. (we started with only 16 mins, big improvement)

That first week at the gym all I did was cardio. Then I would come home and do a few muscle toning exercises. Simple things. Squats and planks, I know I mentioned before. Then as K2 held out I gradually increased my plans for gym time. I started developing a shin splint in the same leg that I had surgery on. I really think it is more an overworked and under developed muscle. None the less I had to tone down my working out, or rather change what I was doing. I added in swimming instead of running.

The time has been really nice. I get to do something for me, and get time away from my babies. They get to play with new toys and other kids, everyone wins.

The beginning of last week we were home bound. Unable to go to the Y because my daughter K1 was sick with a high fever. Since I have had children this would be the point where I drop off working out. I won’t say I give up, because I don’t actually think about it. That is the problem. When life gets in the way I just go on, don’t think about what I want or need to do, I just react.

Last Saturday, which was the last day I went to the gym, S said that I should wait and work out with him at night. Then Sunday K1 was too miserably sick for us to go anywhere. I thought about working out in the afternoon, in the living room. Except I remembered what S said the day before, so I chose not to. I decided to wait for him. When he walked through the door arriving home from work I informed him that I did not work out specifically so that we could work out together when the kids went to bed. He was not exactly receptive. He started listing excuses. I can’t blame him, there was no forewarning or anything, I just sprung it on him (a day after he said something, but whatever, details).

Needless to say, we worked out together. He basically called me a slave driver, but it’s okay. In the begining that’s what you need. Someone there to push you when your not sure you want to go. What was unexpected was the neighbors coming out to watch when we were doing exercises outside. No it was not like it sounds, an audience. It was lucky timing, people were coming and going at the time that we happened to be sweating our you-know-whats off. Three families of neighbors in all. The nice part was the added motivation they offered. One of the neighbors said how nice it was that S would do that for me. Talking about how her husband wouldn’t do the same.

It’s hard to work out alone. It really is. It takes more motivation to go it alone, then it does when someone is there with you, putting in the work with you. After thinking about what our neighbor said S and I had grand ideas of our whole block working out together in the parking lot at dusk. Don’t worry I’m not delusional enough to think that it will actually happen, but how fun would that be? Laughing at each other together, pushing together. I think it could be fun. I guess that’s why there are group fitness classes at local gyms.

Do you work out alone, or with a partner? Do you fall off the work out wagon when the kids get sick? What do you do to get back at it?

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Time to Re-evaluate My Goals

Already. I know.

With a dog attack 8 days into the month, one of those goals I set need to change. Already. I feel like it is so soon to be adjusting goals for the year. I guess it is better to adjust what needs changing now, then look back in May, and say something like “well I was never gonna do that anyway”.

Heading out for a family bike ride. 

I have not yet gotten pepper spray, or mace. Yes I need to. I do not want to go jogging alone without it. I really don’t want to go jogging alone early in the morning anyway. My dog was a great excuse to get me going. She is still on bed rest, and will likely be benched for some time.

That leaves my fitness goal in limbo. I still need to do something to ensure I can get myself in better shape, even if the kids are sick.

At home fitness videos and home work out plans are not the answer. I mean they work and they are great. They are just not for me. I will only do them like once or twice. Maybe even a week, but that’s it. I’m not sure if I loose interest, or drive. Either way they collect dust on a shelf, so not worth it for me.

That doesn’t really leave me a whole lot of options that I can think of.

I came up with a crazy idea a little over a week ago. I mean it was crazy enough that I didn’t even tell S about it. He has a way of making things happen, and I wasn’t sure I REALLY wanted to do this, or not.
I thought that we could require one of our weekly grocery store trips be by bike. Or walk I suppose. The bike trailer has more room for groceries than the stroller does. Then, I could go if the kids are sick without an issue, and I would get at least one day of cardio a week. I would also use a little less of gas. Every little bit helps right?

After yesterdays family bike ride, I feel like that is not an impossible goal that I will give up on tomorrow.Yesterday after we got home, I told S about it. He is on board. I decided I would let you all know  about it and make it official, and stuff.

I know that this alone will not get me in shape, but it is a plan, and a start. Which is better than no plan at all.

What are some ways you stay in shape when your kids are sick? What do you do to make time for your fitness each week?

(Super side note, but every time I hear the word fitness that Fergie song pop’s in my head. Weird. Oh, and 2006 wants their song back.)

Goals for a new year

Why hello 2013. How are you?

I just thought I would let you in on a few goals I have set for 2013.

I do want to say that I am not the New Years Resolution type of girl. Never have been, pretty sure I never will be. (but never say never, right?) That being said these aren’t resolutions. I needed to create a goal list regardless of what time of year it was. With the new year having just started, it seems like the perfect push to make it happen. I also kind of think writing it down, makes me more accountable to it.

In no particular order;

  1. Save, save, save, budget, budget, budget. In the last year we essentially depleted our savings. After having baby #2 I chose not to return to work. (or after so long they didn’t have a spot for me. Tomato, tomato.) Also, our car motor blew up the day baby was born. All that means we need to re-save now. This time the money needs to be split into three places. Shot term saving, (think weekend camping, or frilly new dress), long term savings, (In case stuff happens, or vacation in Hawaii), and wedding account. (pretty self explanatory) The goal really, is to have three months saved in long term savings, and 5,000 to 10,000 for wedding, short term saving amount is negligible. This is not realistic for one year, but I just want for us to be “on track”. 
  2. Try to incorporate more vegan meals. No we will not be giving up meat and dairy. (at least that’s not the plan) Eating a more vegan diet, has a lot of health benefits, and some cost savings. (see #1) Therefore we plan to try. I already often make 1 vegan recipe, so I want to increase it a bit. 
  3. Get in better shape. Okay, so I really want this to say, “Run a marathon”, but that is clearly not realistic, both physically and financially. I thought I was doing well going to the gym until the kids got sick. Clearly the kids will always get sick, so I need a better plan. A better way to ensure that I am focused on my own health. I am a typical mom in the sense of giving myself away and keeping nothing for me. I would like to work on that through my fitness. I think I can get up at 6 each morning and take the dog for a jog, working up to 3 miles. Don’t worry, I won’t get ahead of myself, I have only done this once. In my own defence, I just thought of it yesterday, while sitting on the couch eating breakfast.
  4. Find a part time job. Part time job will greatly help with #1. It would likely all go into our wedding account, or 90%, but is greatly needed. I have been applying to places sporadically since August. I really think that my availability is an issue, for retail places. 
  5. Complete two college classes. I would like to become a PTA. Yes, it has taken me my whole life to figure out something I would enjoy enough to take classes for. I have already signed up for one class the coming spring semester, and I am on the waiting list for another. I ordered my books, but have yet to pick them up, thanks to sick kiddies. This goal is assuming that I complete the one I am registered for and one more either in the summer or fall. I think I can, I think I can. 

What goals have you set for yourself or your family? Do they look anything like mine?


Can a girl get in a work out?

I think my kids immune system has it out for me.

Yes I am slightly serious.

Every time we get back into a routine of going to the gym, someone gets sick. Then it is a month before we go back. One or two weeks, of working out, then a month off. This is not a great work out plan. It is quite frustrating. Just as I start to feel good, BAM!

Today we haven’t been in almost two weeks. DD even missed gymnastics Saturday. I kinda wanted to take her anyway, even though she is sick. I mean, she’s not fevering, or coughing, just a little lingering congestion. However never fear parents of the little’s in class, daddy had your back, and sickie didn’t go. Boo.

This time it’s just the plain old common cold. Thanks to hot humid days and cool humid nights. Last time was pink eye. Before that another cold, and sinus infection. Yes there was one more cold before that. All the way back to April. *sigh*

Next the winter will arrive. Well, the winter that we get here. With it a whole new round of sickness, yay! (insert sarcasm here)

I am sick, of my house being sick.

Today we were invited to attend a Fisher Price House party for babies 6-12 months. We will not be attending as DS is still all yellow boogery and all. Again I kinda wanted to take him anyway, but I asked to see how the other mom’s felt. They didn’t love it, so we will be home.

Sad face.

There is some good news in here somewhere. The grandparents arrive for a visit today. Just in time. The kiddos could use a distraction. Maybe the mommy could too.


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