Swim Lesson and an Under-prepared Mommy

Saturday K2 had his first swim lesson at the YMCA. It wasn’t crazy early or anything 11:15, and by some miracle I was awake before the kids. Well not a miracle, nightmares, but I was up. And that was about it. I was awake for about an hour before the kids woke up and in that time I took two sips of coffee, and one bite of grapefruit. I convinced myself that the swim bag was packed and I just needed to pack diaper bag like items. You know, snacks and such.

With snack after class on the way home

10:45 came before I even knew what happened, and I was trying to rush the kids out the door. I needed time to drive there safely, take K1 to child watch, and change K2 into his swim shorts when we arrived. Basic translation, I was leaving late and in a hurry.

While ushering the kids out the door I see the Pentecostals spreading the word of God door by door, and headed my way. Just my luck right? Well they were in the company of parents or saw my harried look and just offered me a postcard of information on my way by. Thank you for not trying to stop and chat, I appreciate it.There were no other mishaps on the way to the Y, and we arrived to child watch 5 minutes before swim class started.

While leaving child watch and heading to the pool I remembered that I did not pack wipes, and that K2 had yet to have a bowel movement. You just imagined what was going to happen next didn’t you? Cringing too I checked his diaper, but all was clear. (thank you again) Still hurrying I changed K2 into his swim suit and realized that I had not packed a diaper for after class. Thank goodness that I took the 5 minutes to put him on the potty before we left, because his diaper was clean and dry. Fiew!

I did pack lots of sunblock that we didn’t need because it was clouded over and cold out. That means the water in the outdoor pool, was also cold. While K2 didn’t complain too much about being cold, he wasn’t particularly cooperative with the class activities either. I don’t think he actually learned anything, he was just in the water. That’s okay, it’s a start. He did discover he liked jumping in, holding your hand of course. Those were his only smiles during the entire 45 minute class. Next Saturday I actually hope for sun.

Sometime during the last 15 minutes of class, after K2 started saying he was cold, I realized I did not pack his dry clothes. I left them on the couch at home. That was not going to help my already cold son. Gah! I decided he would just wear a diaper and shoes home. After getting out of the pool and warming up in the shower, it was much too cold for just a diaper. I put his damp rash guard back on figuring it would have to do. (I did run it through the cool spinner, get the water out, thing first).

Thankfully I managed to pack snacks, so there were no additional bad mommy moments to add to the list Saturday morning, but geeze I really messed up. It also worked out that a few things seemed to be in my favor.

Yay, can’t wait to see what happens this Saturday! (did you catch my sarcasm?)

What was your most unprepared mom/dad moment? What did you do?


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