Story Time and a Princess

Do you see who that is in the photo above?
 Yup it’s Ariel. Reading stories to the kiddos.
We haven’t been to Java Mama for quite some time. This photo is from our previous trip (before story time with Ariel). K1 made the news on this trip. This was some time in 2012, it’s been that long. I decided that for Ariel, the trip was worth it. I mean she is K1’s favorite. Like favorite, favorite. 
If it wasn’t so far I just might go here every day. Yes I said everyday and I mean it. Coffee and calm for mom, play time for the kiddos. Supervised play I might add. So go ahead chat, and laugh, and sip. I like that they have the occasional story time to mix things up a bit. Previously we went for a signing story time, which was also very good.
When we attended story time with Ariel I figured we would stay for an hour or two and then head home for nap time. WRONG. I forgot they had an outdoor play area too. Between story time, the supervised play area, the outdoor play area, and the coaster that they story time room turns into afterward, the kids were plenty busy.
We were there for 3 hours. My kids slept gloriously on the way home, and were transferred into their beds to continue napping. That might be even better than my ice cold caramel latte that I enjoyed while the played.
I know it’s hard to tell from the above photo, but clearly dress up is fun for K1 other places too. Not just at home. Oh, and she is ALWAYS Ariel. She was singing and swaying when I snapped this shot. She could use some singing lessons, unlike the Ariel who was there to tell stories to the kiddos. She sang the Dream is a Wish Cinderella song marvelously. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone sing that song in person, and she did great.
Days like this make me think I should get out more. This was really nice.
Where is your mommy getaway?

Just an FYI, this is not a sponsored post. I spent money to take my kids to story times here and for me to drink coffee. I like them and just thought I would share. 

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