St. Patricks Day Revealed

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone yet again. This might seem late to some, but there was no way that I would have completed this post before the end of St. Patricks day, so then why rush? My little leprechaun tricks wouldn’t benefit you until next year anyway.

This year wasn’t as crazy as last year, but it was still something. 

The leprechaun forgot to make a trip to the store for a few prank items in addition to gold. That means that sadly there weren’t any treats. There were marsh mellows with green food dye on them. I thought they looked like poop. K2 did try to eat them, but since no one was dying for them they got thrown out before the dog could eat them.

I used the Ariel doll that you see hiding out at the table in this picture, along with green finger paint, to make all those fun footprints. If you wanted to do something smaller on a counter or something like that, I bet Barbie would work amazingly.

The leprechaun left the toilet paper where it belongs this year, but he (or she) did make a pit stop in the restroom. Where he left footprints on the toilet seat, and gold poop in the toilet.

Green food coloring alone does not stain, so I was able to do this the night before. Also gold glitter is great for St. Patrick’s day.

We knew exactly where he went because there were little green foot prints leading the way.

K1 was so upset at the mess the leprechaun left. You can see in this photo the stacked up couch pillows, and Chinese lanterns strewn about the floor. (He folded the laundry too, so not all bad) She was so distraught that daddy didn’t even get to finish reading her the note. When she found what was left behind in the bathroom, she was even more upset.

Green french toast makes everyone better, right? Well that worked here at least. It was the least frightening leprechaun trick of the day.

By the end of the day K1 found the leprechaun hilarious. She still tells me that the leprechaun went potty when we go to the bathroom. She also tells me that she wants to catch him. I continue to remind her that we have to wait until next year, but when she gets something in her little head it stays.

She thought that the yarn all over the house leading to her Easter basket was from the leprechaun too. Too many fictional creature maybe.


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