Simple Sunday

Let’s make vegetable broth for free. How?


This is very simple. It requires little effort, and makes use of what would otherwise be waste. Woo hoo.


What do you do with vegetable peels and parts that don’t quite make the cut for your dinner dinner? You most likely throw them in the trash, but they are still good.


How, I imagine you are wondering? Let me share.


As I chop my vegetables for dinner I keep a gallon size freezer bag on the counter. The parts that I would have otherwise thrown in the trash, that are not moldy or rotten, go into the bag.


I store the partially filled bag of veggie scraps in the freezer. Adding to it as needed.

Once the gallon bag is full I then use the scraps to make vegetable broth. Yes, for real.


I place all the contents from the bag into my crock pot (slow cooker, whatever name you choose to call it) and fill with water. Add desired amount of salt and let it cook on low for the day. The first time I made this I did not add enough salt, the resulting broth was lacking in flavor. I added as much salt as one might sprinkle on your dinner, if you did that sort of thing. I clearly wasn’t thinking about broth going into several dishes. The second time I made this I added probably around half a tablespoon of salt and the flavor was much better.

After cooking the vegetables and salt on low all day turn the slow cooker off and let it cool. Then strain everything out, keeping only the broth. I just use the same strainer that I would use for pasta. I do often have some small flakes of herbs left, but it doesn’t bother me. You could avoid this by using cheese cloth.


Freeze. Then thaw and use as necessary.


I used to spend $2 on 32 oz boxes of vegetable broth, and would buy 4 at a time. In the winter I use about 32 oz of broth a week, sometimes more. Doing this has saved me some money. So I am sharing with you so you can give it a try.


An extra tip; don’t freeze in one large tub. Break it up, and freeze into amounts you would use for a recipe. I do 2 cup segments for example.


Ta da! Easy peasy.

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  1. andi says:

    psst…how’d you know i was looking for an easy, free recipe for vegetable broth? 😀

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