Sickness and a stroller

Yes, that’s right. Sickness is making it’s way through the house.

I started it. Running in the mildly cold weather. Now everyone except the baby is congested. So how to you have a humidifier in two rooms at the same time again? Oh yeah … you don’t.

This also means we did not climb a mountain on Sunday. Don’t worry mountain I am coming back for you. I know you defeated me and the wee one, once, but not twice. I mean really, I have never not climbed to the top before. Once I make it to the top I will start scheduling hiking meet ups again. Cause I mean how can I go and be the cause of everyone not making it?

Did anyone ever tell you that selecting a double stroller is way more complicated than selecting a regular one the first time? You would have though the task would be easier. You have experience and know what to expect. Yeah well you also know what you do and don’t want. You also want every thing in one stroller purchase. You know, remember buying one, or four strollers the first time? Yeah you don’t want to repeat that, so basically you want what doesn’t exist. Maybe it does and you can’t afford it. All of this means bigger headache.

Oh well, I am off to deliver tissues to daddy. Next year he is getting the flu shot.

What was important to you in selecting a stroller? Price? Size? Color? Functionality?

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