Sending Cheer

Have you ever stopped to think about what comes in your mail box? Like how wonderful it is to get something other than junk mail or a bill?

I really hadn’t until about 3 years ago when one of my great friends was deployed. I was also home having knee surgery. It was scary for lots of reasons. My first surgery, first stitches, first time under anesthesia, so yes, scary. While I was recovering I got a letter from Afghanistan that said nothing more than “I though it would be nice to get something other than a bill in the mail.” Even though we could email daily putting a stamp on something takes a little extra effort. He was right, it was nice.

I think of that letter every now and then and try to do the same. 

I also enjoy passing on my items I’ll no longer be using. Every now and then I mail books to friends, things like that. Well last week was a week of sending cheer.

We sent some construction paper with scribble to the desert, some video games that weren’t worth trading in, a knitted item, a thank you, and a handmade card for a friend going thru some stuff.
It seems simple, however sometimes we get caught up in what will be in the package and never send it. What am I going to do with all the art work my babies will create? Exactly, save some toss the rest. Why not share? It might make someone smile for a minute and then they can toss it if they so choose. No big deal, just a stamp.

Would you smile if someone sent you something simple? Do you do this already? Who, when, or what makes you send random cheer?

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