Ring Shopping

Last Sunday we went ring shopping.


This was not our first time out wedding ring shopping, but this time was different. The previous trips were to figure out what we wanted and how much that would cost. This trip we went in with a relative budget to stay under, and a plan that includes a timeline.

What have I learned ring shopping?

Men don’t wear much jewelry because they are picky. Super, duper, ultra, picky.

No? Not your man? I guess your lucky.
Maybe you are the picky one? Me, not so much. The first trips shopping I liked one particular ring at one store, which is in the above photo. A conture, because it fits around my engagement ring, every other stone is sapphire and diamonds. Perfect, done, and under $400. I never changed my mind, never saw something I liked better.

When we went shopping this time, that ring was sold, so I basically selected the same thing with all diamonds. Same price. Still done.
S, he’s the shopper. How does this look? Do you like it? Does it match your ring? How does it look from far away? It pushes against my fingers too much. It’s too blingy. It’s missing a step.

S’s ring, twice the price of what I selected, and that’s on sale. He had to have diamonds. Yes it looks nice, and I am truly glad he is happy. I am happy to be done shopping too.
This is not the actual ring he selected,  just one of the many options.

We placed a deposit, and plan to go pick them up in a few weeks. S is hoping that there might be a Thanksgiving sale and that the rings might be even cheaper. Either way they are locked in at their current prices.

You will have to wait until we are married  for a ring reveal.

Who was the picky ring shopper in your house?

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