Right Now

This is happening on the couch next to me.

While this is going on in my bed upstairs.

I have to be quiet right now. So I have this fun little gem of a post for you, about me.

Making : Vegan Zucchini bread
Cooking : Pizza
Drinking : Beer
Reading: Nothing! (I finished Tanglewood Plantation II yesterday)
Wanting: Someone else to cook dinner.
Looking: At feet that desperately need a pedicure
Playing: Words with Friends and cars
Wasting: Money and time
Sewing: Hah
Wishing: We were buying a house right now
Enjoying: Nap time
Waiting: For my #MugSwap2013 package
Liking: My latest smoothie concoction
Wondering: What class will be like Thursday
Loving: My family
Hoping: To save enough for a comfortable holiday season
Marvelling: At how K2 sleeps through his sisters screams
Needing: A part time job
Smelling: Amazing!
Wearing: Shorts and a t-shirt. (Those who said yoga pants were a SAHM’s uniform lied).
Following: Some homeschool blogs.
Noticing: S helping out around the house lately.
Knowing: My kids are moving out of the baby phase.
Thinking: About how to sew a liner onto a knitted item.
Feeling: My toe wrapped in a band aid
Bookmarking: Recipes!
Opening: The door to peek in a K1 while she’s sleeping.
Giggling: At my cute little K2 when he’s being silly.
Feeling: Happy.

I got this idea here and thought it was fun, so I decided to participate.

What are you up to, right now?


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