That is how I feel. I know I posted about my recent mommy time, but not the same.

Yesterday K1 had her nap ruined by her little brother climbing into her bed during nap time while she was asleep. When that didn’t wake her he started jumping. She didn’t go back to sleep, and that 20 min nap was all she got. That made for a long day.

Daddy took the kids up to bed after dinner and some TV. By the time they were heading up the stairs those two littles had sleep written all over their faces.

After helping K2 upstairs and seeing if S needed any help I sat down on the couch. Content to play on my phone until S made his way back down stairs to work out. After 3 minutes passed motivation randomly struck me and I cleaned up. I even switched out a few toys from the cupboard under the stairs, took a minute to wish my not-quite-yet-SIL lived closer so I could pass some bigger baby items on to her, and sat down on the couch to read a few pages in a book before S joined me on the couch.

As pages passed I realized I was cold and that while I fed the dog, I had yet to walk her. I also decided that the silence coming from upstairs meant that daddy fell asleep on the floor waiting out K2 who recently moved to a toddler bed. (Have I mentioned that before? We did that like 3 weeks ago) I finished the book, (Secrets of a Shoe Addict was good BTW better than expected) and walked the dog.

I then marched upstairs and took an amazing shower. Took K1 to the bathroom, and proceeded to start a load of laundry. It wasn’t until I was adding the clothes to the wash that I realized how relaxed I felt. How nice the night was. I didn’t feel guilty. I wasn’t entertaining anyone but me. I did what I wanted to. Sure I don’t really want to clean or do laundry, but it wasn’t pressured and I’ll appreciate it later.

I have always been a night owl. When I was working part time after K1 was born I often came home to a sleeping household. Then I would do things like I did tonight. Maybe that is why I was less frustrated before, and more easily frustrated now. I am thinking that this is how I need to wind down. Maybe that is why I am usually still messing around on my phone while the rest of the house is asleep in bed? It doesn’t seem to have the same effect when S goes out on the town though.

I’m really quite glad to have figured this out, and for last night.

Do you enjoy the silence of a sleep house? 


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