Random Craftiness

I was bored one day. Can you tell?

With DD I took a parent education class for 34 weeks. It was once a week for three hours. There, she got lots of interaction with other babies and parents. She was exposed to songs, signing, and crafts.

Up until recently, taking a class like that with two kiddos, just seemed too daunting. I do, however, feel bad that DS doesn’t get the same exposure.

From that one random day of boredom, I decided we would craft. Lot’s of the crafts we did in class included hand or foot prints. I just kind of went from there. DS also does not have very many foot or hand print keepsakes hanging around the house. I’m working on changing that before it’s too late.

These are what I came up with.

Pretty fun if you ask me. They were fast, and easy too.

I already had the canvases, from when I painted. (terribly I might add) All the paint is non toxic, on hand from bird houses we have been painting. (I need to finish that post) Ribbon from costume creating, oh and hot glue.


These could also be done with just the two kiddos as gifts.


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