Our Valentine

As always Daddy was our valentine. He’s truly the best. While this years card is not quite as crazy as last year, K1 was able to participate more than in the prior years. (she was so much smaller last year!)

I can not wait until both kids can do one all by themselves. Mostly cause I am curious what it is they will want to create.

A sneak peak at the inside of our card before we signed it. I have a square shaped paper punch so K1 was able to do that part this year. Hence why our card is so plain and geometric.

For real if I open and Etsy shop ever I think that will be the name. K squared.

If you read yesterdays Insta post you already know what is going on here. If you didn’t, go check it out.

We also made several other more simple valentines, to hand out to people like our neighbors. K1 loved running from door to door handing them out. (she literally ran) Next year I think we will make even more. Of course it will be easier because maybe the little miss will operate scissors and K2 can sticker. Maybe.

How was your Valentines?

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