Fire Station Open House

Saturday there was an open house at one of the nearby fire stations. I found out about it in the morning as we were heading out the door to workout at the YMCA. I packed extra snacks, and planned to go after we worked out. I told the kids we would snack at the fire station, because I thought it would be a small event.

Firehouse 003When I heard that there was an open house. I thought that they would let the kids tour firetrucks, and look around the station, but not more than that.


Since my kids love firetrucks so much, I decided it would be worth going.

Firehouse 008We live close enough to a fire station that every time an EMT or firetruck leaves the station we can hear it. So they were really excited to see them up close.


The last time K1 was this close to a firetruck was last Halloween. This was K2’s first time!

Firehouse 018When we got there it was a lot more than just a few firetrucks to check out!


This is the inside of a newer CHP car. The back seat naturally.

Firehouse 027K1 was afraid to shoot the fire hose, but not her little brother. He loved it. When we told him that he was done, he was a little upset.

Firehouse 033Waiting for the K9 demonstration. Fire trucks everywhere.

Firehouse 053They did a drug search demonstration, and an attack command demonstration while we were there.  (I forget what it’s technical name really was) At other times during the day they used the jaws of life to cut apart two cars, but we didn’t get to see those.


K1 said that the black doggie, the one in the picture, was mean. As you can see he was the dog used for the bite demonstration. The dog that did the drug search was mostly brown.

Firehouse 055There was a bounce house for the kids. She hated it, can’t you tell?

Firehouse 066More firetrucks.

Firehouse 071

Firehouse 077In CA we have wildfires. (Right now it’s very dry here too) Well, we have an awesome team of people made up of  volunteers, that support the firefighters. The bring water, and snacks, and offer a cool place to sit inside this truck. We just learned about them at this event.

Firehouse 080Everyone loves kids in helmets.


It really pays to be flexible and spontaneous, because we would have missed out on this entirely.


Oh and because I love you here is a random FYI Fire Prevention Week is 10/6-10/12. (I looked it up) I bet there will be some fun firetruck happenings near you then! (I hope there are more near us too)












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