On The Twelfth Day Of Sickness

My kids threw up again.

This sickness is weird. They are not 100% sick 100% of the time. For example, K1 vomited and had diarrhea almost 48 hours before this morning when she was sick again. This sucks. Spring break has been a joke. Daddy was out of town the first weekend and for both weeks only had one day off. On top of that both kids were sick the entire time. Not to mention I was sick for one day.

I had really hoped to get ahead on homework for this class, but instead I barely got done what I needed for this week. I also will have lots of editing to do next week, since my essay isn’t in great shape.

As for the kids I am at a loss. My mommy brain is fried, and I have no idea what to try next. Everything has been cleaned. I even threw away K1’s pillow in the event that was it. (clearly that is not it) I threw out some pretzels and cheese too, also just in case. I did the BRATT diet for a day and a half and the next day they were both normal (yesterday), so I am going back to that today. I kept them at home during this round of sickness with the exception of Friday, and the last two days. After so much time being inside I couldn’t do it any more. They aren’t even acting sick, except when they are in the actual act of it.

K2 has had three showers so far today. I am so over this. (can you tell?) Like I can not hear any more whining. I know it is not their fault, I just need a break. There is a lot of “needing” going on here right now. I need to not be needed for a while. I actually called a friend during all of this to see if they could come and hang out with my kids while I was sick. They said no, because they did not want to get sick. I can’t say that I blame them, but I totally need a break. My only coming break is going to be class tonight, which includes it’s own stress. A midterm and peer essay editing. That means no breaks any time soon. Gah.

We have colored, stickered, and even watched TV. K1 has played memory games, and K2 plays with cars. They are just over it, and honestly I am too. Super exciting two weeks over here huh?

If you have any ideas I am all ears.


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2 Responses to 'On The Twelfth Day Of Sickness'

  1. Linda says:

    So sorry — wish I could be the one to give respite care, because I would! See you soon, so excited! Hope everyone bounces back quickly — BRAT diet is a good idea. Is K1 still all about asking to watch “SHhhhhhhhrick”? Desperate times deserve desperate measures! Hang in there Mama! XOXOXO

    • Gwendolyn T says:

      We are excited too. I thought they would be over this by now, so I’m hoping the next break in sickness signals the end. You know strangely she hasn’t asked for shhhhhrick this week, but we have watched all 4 Tinkerbell movies twice (thanks Netflix) and lots of PBS Kids, but that is a good idea.

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