On our own

I don’t want to pretend that my life is harder than someone else’s. There are loads of people out there that have things harder than I do. That doesn’t mean that things aren’t a challenge. That something can’t be hard, or harder than normal.

Daddy is gone. For almost a week.

This is a first.

So single mama of two kiddos and two dogs (yes we are puppy sitting at the same time too) I shall be.

Someone apparently told my son that daddy would not be around and to act up.

No? They didn’t?

I am pretty confident he is teething. Poor kid has two teeth fully in. Two more teeth that are working their way out of his gums, skin broke days ago. Now I’m pretty sure that there are three more, trying to race for their arrival.

What does that mean?

I get happy baby by day, psycho, crying like I’m getting stabbed baby by night. Well, to be fair, he is, getting stabbed that is. I know, it hurts, I understand. However, when you are the only parent, or person, that is available to deal with two kiddos, you need sleep. (and patience)

Last night poor little guy was up crying three times. The inconsolable type. The, I’m still going to cry while you hold me even though there is no where better in the world, cry. If I could sleep sitting up holding him, we would both have gotten rest last night. I was great with all of it until 4AM, then my patience started evaporating. What would have normally taken 20 minutes tops, took over an hour.

To make things even more fun, my daughter broke into my room at 6:30. She said she wanted to sleep in bed with me, so I helped her up. Our bed is against a wall that has a window. I was afraid that she would find a way to fall out the window and I couldn’t fall back asleep. She also woke up her brother. By 7:30 everyone was up and at em.

Tonight is kinda looking grim …. it took an hour to get DS to bed. That is not including bath time or story time.

Fingers crossed I get some sleep.


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