Oh How The Garden Has Grown

The above photo is not from the day that everything was planted. If you looking for that, look here. I added this photo because it was taken a month ago. Things have really taken off in the container garden in the last month. Even the tomato plant that has suffered from so much is happy. Somehow it is actually happier than the tomato plant that had no struggles in life. Go figure.

This little guy hanging out on the leaf of a sun flower is a wasp.

I have love hate feelings about Mr Wasp.

The hate comes from the fact that I am allergic to Mr wasps sting, or the sing from any of their children, should they decide to do so.

The love part? Well wasps lay their eggs directly onto inch worms which just so happen to have ravaged my plants last year. When the eggs hatch the larvae feed on Mr. Inchworm. Now your feelin the love, aren’t you?

But ugh, to be stung. My reaction gets worse with each sting. Fortunately it has been a few years since the last so, you know … I forgot how it really feels.

Hidden among the leaves in this photo is an inchworm. I actually caught him making his cocoon.

Did you find the worm? He blends in very well.

(It’s just above the Ma in Gemini Mama)

Those two ugly little guys are ladybug larvae. Yup ladybugs your offspring almost died because they are spiky and ugly. I need these bugs, badly, but I didn’t know what they were.

On the bud to the left of the flower the ladybug larvae are hanging out on, there are aphids and white flies. Armies and armies of them are all over my summer squash plant. I have stopped worrying about it. On several occasions I can say that I have been surprised it is still alive.

In order to actually grow squash and eat it, a male flower and female flower have to be open at the same time. Then pollination has to occur. Basically my plant can’t get its act together. The flowers continue to open opposite each other. So I have stopped trying to import ladybugs into my tiny space. I figured if they aphids had the squash to eat, they would leave the rest alone.

I finally did some research to determine what this weirdo ugly bug was. Ha ….. the lady bugs are now coming to me. Finally! What took so long? Oh, and could they bring some of their friends? I don’t think the five little guys I spotted are nearly enough.

I designed this planter after something I saw somewhere, some time, on face book. There were no instructions or anything, but after making self watering planters, I didn’t think any were necessary. From March to May the only thing in the entire planter was the lone strawberry plant.

I tried growing lettuce from seed in the bottom, but someone kept eating it, and it never grew to be edible for humans.

After two months my strawberry plant was sinking. With nothing to hold the soil in place it was just settling. A 6 pack of petunias saved the day (good thing I drilled 6 holes into that PVC). I selected them simply because they can tolerate the heat, and they are an annual. On K1’s birthday we planted Marigolds, that was actually our Earth day activity being they are the same day. I relocated a bunch of the marigolds from the egg crate they were in, into the bottom of this planter. I We are still waiting for them to bloom. Still. Any day now guys really.

A quick peek from today. Look at how much has grown in just the last month! Crazy.

What are you growing?


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