Not Winning

We have kinda been potty training lately. I’m not quite sure how you just kinda do something like that, but have definitely have not been hardcore about it.

DD was diaper free pretty much all morning long. She likes to tell me she needs to go potty but won’t relax to actually do it.

We put a diaper on to go to the playground and then eat lunch. When I changed her diaper before nap it was soaked. Like I didn’t know she even drank that much water soaked. This is good because all morning she did not have any messes on the floor, so she was holding it.

Then came the nap time that we changed the diaper for.

She was saying “new diaper, new diaper, new diaper”. I went upstairs. She pooped, a little. When I asked her if she had more poop she said yes. We sat on the potty for 6ish minutes. Nothing. So we cleaned up the room, put a new diaper on, and back to nap.

Then she started saying “mommy in need potty”.

I thought really kid? Didn’t we just do this?

Convinced that she just didn’t want to nap and wanted me to come back up there, I let her be.

The “I need potty”, turned to “I need a new diaper”, which turned into “mommy wipe butt”.

Finally when she sounded upset and started crying saying “mommy wipe hands” I went up there.

Naked baby. Dresser contents all over the floor. Everything from her bed on the floor. Standing on a picture with a glass frame. The glass was wet, tears or urine? not sure. And poop.


She did need to go potty.

She did need a new diaper.

She did need to be wiped. Both her butt and hands.

I am terrible.

Wrong. I was so wrong.

She was not being deceptive as I calculated.

We are getting a potty seat for the big toilet today. Maybe when I don’t have to hold her on/over the seat she will be able to relax and this won’t happen.

I told her I was sorry, and wrong, and that I love her.

Now she’s napping. On her floor, in front of the gate.

What a traumatic afternoon.

Have you had a time where you miscalculated your child’s needs? What happened?


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