Nap Time Struggles

Every parent knows the nap time struggles. At some point every child gives their parents a hard time with the idea of sleeping in the middle of the day. Even Especially if said child really needs it. They are extra rebellious then.

I read somewhere that allegedly by, at, or around the age of three kids can take or leave naps. K1 will be three at the end of April, so lately I have kinda been trying to let her take the lead in the nap department. I started this after two weeks of her keeping her brother awake at nap time, thus keeping mommy from doing anything other than refereeing  That was just a touch too much for me. I would honestly rather let go of nap time than struggle through all of that. (I know that is hard to believe being nap time is my only break and “me” time, but it’s true)

Letting her lead is really not working out. I really though that maybe all of the talking to herself, jumping in bed, kicking her feet, was because she did not need to sleep. Clearly we can all gather she does not want to sleep, but as it turns out, I believe she is still in need of naps. The trick now is how to stop her from fighting it.

The past few days we have been back on with napping. The first day was on the couch, and the last couple back in her bed like normal. K2 will pass out after literally 3 minutes, without his sister there to talk to, laugh at, and encourage jumping in bed. I have been waiting for K2 to fall asleep while distracting his sister quietly, and then let her into their room to nap. Yesterday, this worked like magic. Today? I thought K2 was sleeping, or he was and we woke him up. Remember the refereeing part? Yeah that again. Sitting at the top of the stairs, waiting out two kids who just need to see me to stay in bed and calm down, is not my idea of relax or fun.

Then there is that magical time when they are both asleep, and you want to go and turn down the volume on the 18 wheeler breaking on the highway 500 yards away, because it might wake them up. Even though you know a neighbor will slam a door, a dog will bark, or you mom, will do something silly like shower or drop a plate, ending all of the magical silence that nap time brings.

I really thought I was on the page of ending naps, but it looks like my little lady still needs them, so I will have to continue this careful dance of putting them down one at a time.

How does nap time work at your house? When did your children stop napping? 


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4 Responses to 'Nap Time Struggles'

  1. Kari Starr says:

    Kassie still naps at daycare, but is a real pain about dong it here. And especially not for me. Just daddy if she gives in to one at all.

  2. My youngest is about to turn 4 and naps during the week at daycare, but not at home on the weekends – every so often she’ll snuggle up on the couch and pass out. We do have a “quiet time” rule that we impose from 1-2 if both of the girls choose not to nap. They can be in their rooms reading a book, or playing quietly on their Innotabs, but it has to be QUIET. And mom should be allowed to go to the bathroom – alone! 😉

  3. Amanda Athan says:

    Nap time is everyday fro both my kids (2,1) but the time ranges depending if we did something that day or not.

  4. Michelle H. says:

    My oldest daughter stopped taking naps at 3. My youngest who is 2 1/2 still naps but very sporadically. It’s difficult because she’s ready for a nap around the time I have to go pick her sister up from school so she’ll either fall asleep just before I have to leave and then I’m stuck waking her up or she’ll be ready for a nap and then we pick up sissy and it’s all over from there. We get back home and she’s ready to play, not nap even though she desperately needs it. It does end up affecting bedtime too. She’s either super tired and goes to bed way to early or she’s over tired and stays up way too late because she’s cranky and stubborn. She loves sleep for the most part so I think she’ll still be taking naps past the age of 3.

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