Might be a bad idea

But …..

I’m taking the sick kiddos to the Aviation Museum today.

I know, I know, wait, actually you really don’t even know. My little guy has an ear infection, and bronchulitis. The little lady is just about done working through her head cold. I just wanna say that big sis didn’t get her first ear infection until after she stopped nursing. *sigh* Someone tell the little guy this is not an “I beat ya!” type of competition. Okay, so now you do know. Now, I feel the need to defend myself.

We have been cooped up for 7 days.

I am a mommy group event organizer, and scheduled this event over a month ago.

I scheduled it because we drive by this place to meet daddy for lunch, and K1 says, “Mommy, I want to see the airplanes.” (she also wants to see the train, but that is not a museum)

Also the little guy loves airplanes.

Several months ago we took the kids to the airshow. We tried repeatedly to teach K2 the sign for airplane. We signed as each plane, and jet flew by. He really didn’t seem to care. That is of course until we were leaving. Leaving early. We were at the car and, the Blue Angles circled around us. (I included a link just in case you are unsure who exactly they are) This time there was no chaos around us. No music playing. No people weaving this way and that. No helicopters with kids climbing in and out of them. Just our little family, a parking lot filled with hundreds of cars, and, the jets. That time, when we said airplane and signed, he looked at them. Nothing more, just looked, but that had been more than he had done all afternoon.

K2 loving on his first toy airplane

With the events of the airshow out of mind a few weeks later, we were eating lunch near the air base. He signed “airplane” as we heard a jet taking off. I had no idea at first what he was doing. The second time he made the same excited noise and raised his arm, I knew. “Airplane” It is still is his favorite sign. He just lights up every time he does it.

It is because of the little guys love of planes, that his older sister even cares about them. Now she sees them everywhere, and just has to point them out. Shouting and signing. That, is why I scheduled this meet up. That, is why it is going to be extra special after being cooped up for a week.

I will keep the little man on my back in a carrier, and let his sister run around from plane to plane. It is all outdoors, so we really won’t be contaminating anything. Besides fresh air and vitamin D will be great for the three of us. I had initially intended this little excursion to include lunch with daddy, but he will be working at a different location today. That really is a good thing anyway. We are trying to save, and so we’re not eating out for the month.

I’m hoping this is the break that my little’s need. K1 is getting quite cranky. She is sick of being stuck inside, and quickly running out of patience. Wish us the best!

What are you up to today? Have you taken your children out when you weren’t quite sure you should?


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3 Responses to 'Might be a bad idea'

  1. Linda says:

    Hope you all had a great time…a change of scenery (and air) can do a recovering body good! Trust your mothering instincts. XO to all!

  2. Elkins says:

    I don’t think being outside at all is a bad idea, I hope it helped :0

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