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The last few weeks have been crazy.


Friends deploying overseas for 13 months, little girls who dance having their first recital, little boys who turn two and have parties, mommies who go to college having final presentations, that same mommy hosting coffee house parties, Thanksgiving, and Christmas gift crafting. Lets just say there has been a lot going on.


Even with all of that I decided it was time for me to really get to this whole, home pre-schooling business.


So I did some research. I found a lot of information and bookmarked a few sites. I found that I liked Letter of the Week the best. Katrina, the author of the website, made it really easy. I am currently following the “Steps to Reading for ages 2-7”. Like basically down to the books and all. I like that there is already someone who has taken the time to write out a schedule and everything. I have felt pretty lazy lately, but I can follow along. I also figure that somewhere around the letter “K” or so I might have my own agenda, maybe.


While I did set out with the plan to follow her schedule and all, last week I failed miserably. Last week we did the letter “A”, and practiced with the short “A” sound as suggested. I did do some math, with K1, which was a first for us. We used apples and avocados to learn with. I learned that when we get to 5, she can no longer do math. That is okay, it was our first time and we are learning together. I love how excited she was for each new thing that we did.


I also cheated because we previously worked on writing the letter A, so I did none of that at all. See lazy mom.

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These are the related books that we read last week. (we read different books at bedtime) I requested all the books from our local library, so that I didn’t have to make any purchases. I requested books for the intro week, letter “A”, and letter “B”, all at the same time. We used the ones that came in.


When we read Ten Apples Up On Top! I worked with her on counting, encouraging her to count for herself and see if the story was right.


We read The Apple Pie Tree a few times. The second time I read it I asked her to jump up each time she heard the word “apple”. By the middle of the book she understood and got the hang of it, but when we didn’t say “apple” for a few pages she forgot. It was a fun idea.


I used Eating the Alphabet when we were making dinner having  K1 tell me what letter each food we were making started with.


Other than that I was kind of lame. I wanted to have a week of A word snacks, but we only did 3 days. I didn’t do a craft but, we were crafting for K2’s birthday and with everything else going on my mind couldn’t handle any more. 


This week we are already off to a better start.

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I refreshed writing capital A, and taught how to do lower case A, and capital B. We also already read a few “B” books this morning.


I tried to go over sight words with her a little bit using some flash cards, and have her sound out words. I like the show Super Why, and from watching that she already knows a lot of the sounds letters make. Either way flash cards were a super huge bust. Mommy got frustrated and decided it was time to stop. I also got frustrated with teaching her to write the letter B and had stopped that too. What’s funny is, just when I thought she was getting nothing from me, she did this;

Blog A 004

all by herself. Apparently it is working, I just need to do less each time. You know stick to the suggested hour.


It seems like this will be a fun plan for us to follow. I just don’t know how to make it work on days where we have morning plans. Oh, or when I will ever go to the gym again!


Got any good letter “B” craft ideas?

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4 Responses to 'Letter of the Week'

  1. Kari says:

    I’m going to start “mentoring” on Thursday night’s the 2 girls next door. I might have to check out that website

    • Gwen says:

      Yes! It won’t be a waste of your time. It’s free and easy to follow. She suggests lots of books and even ways to incorporate geography, history, and bible study too.

  2. upliftingfam says:

    Books are a great way to help your child learn new concepts. I love Dr Suess books.

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