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After a long week together, or was it two? I made the decision that we do not get along with the letter F. Why?


Well I told you in my letter E update that I did a poor job in some of my book selections. I requested and selected books for letter’s E and F at the same time. I should have made adjustments after E went the way that it did, but I did not. I am glad that nothing is, or has to be set in stone. It really makes me feel better.


The week wasn’t a complete failure. We had some successes, and pin pointed some areas to work on.



Writing capital F was easy for K1, but lowercase is right up there with lower case E. They are both a struggle for her. This caused me to take a step back, and add in more dot to dots this week, and we will come back to writing letters later. I mean she has her whole life to learn that. I have to admit I really wanted to push her to write her own name, because (shun me now) I have seen that other kids her age can. That is totally unfair of me. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Totally true, and children develop differently, at different times. Yes I am sure that she could learn to write her name today, if I sat down and did that with her, but maybe she isn’t ready? The “Letter of the week” is about her, and only a guide for me. So I will let her do more of the guiding.


Onto the books. I am still using Letteroftheweek.com as a guide, and here is a link to the suggested “F” curriculum.


The Firebird (affiliate link)- this book was the biggest surprise of the week. Early in the week I breezed through it, and the pages looked too wordy for my kids. Because of that I skipped over this book all week long, until there was nothing left to read. Remember I was jaded in my book selection for two weeks also. My children ask me to read them a “book they never heard before” so I grab this one. They were so sucked into the story! Maybe it was the gold on the pages, or the story itself, but classic. It was a good book, not as many “F” words in it as I expected, but for a story book it was great.


The Foot Book – I started the week with this book. Lot’s of “F” words in it. We played the game where they jump up each time they hear a particular word. I chose “feet.” K1 loves when we do this with books that we have already read once, but she doesn’t quite have the concept down yet. She needs pauses and reminders “what word was that?” Still fun for her.


Down on the Funny Farm and Rainbow Fish were also good choices that my kids enjoyed.


The last of the “good” books is Flamingo (Heinemann Read and Learn) (affiliate link). This book was a great choice to teach a young child about flamingos. It was exactly what I was hoping for.


If you choose to teach your children about the flamingo during “F” week, you could also teach them the ASL sign to go with it. Side note, I thought about including a video for you of this sign, but not being a member of the deaf community I might be the wrong candidate. Also the sign that I have learned for flamingo is different than what I could find on the ASL sites online. They show “pink bird,” what I learned looks like a flamingo and to me is more tactile for children. It could be a dialect difference, not sure. Put your index and second finger down and curl the rest into a fist. Bend the index finger at the knuckle and tap the second finger on the open palm of your other hand. Flamingo.




The Fish book from Sesame Street wasn’t too bad. It had lots of great information, but not my first choice. That opinion could be clouded because I don’t love Sesame Street in general.


All the other books were poor choices for my almost 4 year old daughters age group. That book Forest is about a deer. Yeah that got me too. I wanted a book to teach about the forest. The books on fractions were cute, but we very focused on percents and decimals too, which was too much. They had everything mixed together. It was not in sections, where I could skip what we weren’t ready for.


Strangely the Fire Truck book didn’t even hold my kids attention. They love fire trucks, so this was a surprise. I was hunting for a book that talked about the job of a firefighter, and wasn’t finding anything. This book is about building a firetruck, but was too detailed for us. Maybe next year.


Have you been doing a letter of the week program? What did letter “F” look like for you?




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  1. The Foot book is one of my favorites. 🙂

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