Letter of the week C

With all the holiday preparations, we skipped one week of letters, and did C last week. Realistically we didn’t accomplish much with the letter C, but I tried.

C 005


We didn’t get a ton of books from the library because they weren’t going to arrive in time.


The kids favorite was Choo Choo Clickety-Clack! It was very similar to Down by the Station which my kids already love. Choo Choo Clickety-Clack might be one that we need to add to our library at home.

We also read The Caboose Who Got Loose (Book and CD). This book actually seemed a little long and included words that were good for my 3 year old to hear, but were a little advanced for her.

And lastly Circus Caps for Sale which kind of fell into the same category as above.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar was also on the Letter of the week list that we are using as our guide. We own that book and I convinced myself I would bring it down stairs and use it, but that never happened.


Thanks to K2 left over craft supplies from K2’s birthday party we did another car craft for our letter C craft.

C 008

Thanks to this dollar store find and free printables the week wasn’t a complete bust. Although the letter C is a very easy one to learn to write.


We did do one activity this week using the letter C. I talked about the sound the letter C makes and words that start with the letter C. I asked K1 if she could think of any words that started with the c sound, and she actually got one right. Cookies, cookies start with C. While we have done this activity every week this is the first time that she caught on. Progress people, progress.


Apparently the letter B was the most fun so far, because K1 still tells me when she see’s the letter B on signs while we are driving around.


I think I’ll skip letter of the week this week, and maybe the next as we will be on vacation. I mean, even school gets a vacation, right?


Have any letter D craft ideas?

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