Last weeks photo insta journey

It has been raining here the last two days, and we are expecting more rain. I am aware that some of you are covered in snow, and you are expecting more, so no worries I am not complaining. Actually we need the rain. I like strawberries and broccoli, and apparently a lot of those come from right here in CA. So rain on mother nature, rain on.


All this rain means that we are inside working on our leprechaun traps!


If by chance your new around here, on Friday’s I like to review the last week from instagram. It’s nice. For those who follow along on instagram you get a little more incite into what was actually happening at that moment. For me, I get to see that the week wasn’t all coffee and crying. A reminder that there are happy moments in our sometimes chaotic life. I’m GT4936 if you want to follow along.



This week we reviewed a PetBox. After a lot of careful thought I let Scarlet have a few things from the box. She is fighting allergies right now, and her skin is not completely clear yet, but some of the snacks we received are allergen free, so why not? She snatched up the Aussie ear when I turned my back before I even said yes. Must have been good because it didn’t last long.


An evening trip our to get peat moss and perlite for my new blueberry plant, gave us the chance to see this. The sky was so pretty and confusing at the same time. I think that is a great way to view life too. Hah. That funnel shaped cloud was blurry like that in the sky, that in not a mistake on the photo. The colors were so bold, but there were a few different types of clouds in the sky at the same time.


Usually when the sky is pretty like this my instagram feed is filled with sky party photos. Not this day. Apparently everyone was too busy to notice. Normally we would have missed it too, but a last minute decision changed that. We actually stood in the parking lot and looked at the sky for a few minutes before heading into the store. The kids were really enjoying it.



Daddy was working on the Jeep. Both kids had to help. When I couldn’t find K2, this is where he was. Under the Jeep. He might give me a heart attack. Don’t freak out, he wasn’t under there very long, and this Jeep didn’t fall.



It was a day mixed with car repair, skateboarding, and scootering.


Side note: I know that he might be young, but I am pretty convinced that K2 would like a skateboard. I never skateboarded in my life, so this is foreign to me. He loves to watch big kids everywhere skateboard and fights to have a turn with this huge one. I bought him the pictured knee and elbow pads. I think my next trip to Target we will bring home a kids size skateboard. Now I need another set of pads for big sister, because they fight over everything. So maybe two skateboards. We will see.



All of my shopping the last 5 weeks, has been alone with two kids. We needed to go shopping again for random odds and ends that we can get from daddy’s new store. I remembered from my before kids days that there is a Krispy Kreme over there. Score! Shopping just got tastier. We don’t get donuts often so I honestly forget that they are a messy food, but everyone enjoyed themselves!


Oh, and her face? Priceless. She kind of just wanted the sprinkles.


What were you up to this week? Do your kids skateboard? When did they start? 


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2 Responses to 'Last weeks photo insta journey'

  1. Well, Gwen…I’m struggling with “who do I know that skate-boards?” I don’t know…but I DO know 2 young men who snow board! Maybe the skills transfer??! Love, hugs, and kisses to all! Auntie ‘Lainey. 🙂

  2. LOVE the picture of the kiddo sitting under the jeep. Gave me a good chuckle

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