Last Weeks Class Disaster

Since I was busy designing setting up and moving my blog over to this new address, I haven’t posted in almost two weeks. Sorry for that. I believe that moving to this new blog address will be for the best, but it has been hectic in the mean time. I do have more work to do, but nothing major-ish. I should be back onto a normal, for me, schedule.


Last week I had my first ASL class. I was a mix of nervous excitement. Driving to a new campus, I worried about having enough time to make it to class after S got home from work. Also I had no idea where anything on this campus was, parking, class, bathrooms, you know the important stuff.


Thankfully S left work early so that I would have plenty of time to battle traffic, find parking, and my classroom. I did pack dinner as this is a 4 hour class starting just before we normally eat dinner. For some reason it never crossed my mind to eat it while I was waiting for class to start. Maybe it was because I was standing up in a hallway, unsure that I was in the right place. A few people in front of me threw me off. They were talking and practicing signs that people in ASL 1 would not know.


The class that stats at 5:45 didn’t break until 7:30 and by 7:15 I had a headache that was quickly escalating to a migraine. When the break started I drank a bunch of water and ate half of my dinner, but I was way too late. I had to leave. I was so upset that I had to leave my first class early. I mean what kind of impression does that make?


I did get to see a cool thunder and dry lightning storm on the way home, so that’s fun I guess. I forgot to tell S about it until two days later. It was one of those migraines.


The good news is that I didn’t actually have to learn more than 3 signs for the week because I already know the rest. This week I plan to eat before class starts. I hope that is enough to keep the migraine away.


Do you suffer from migraines? Any sure tips you can offer?


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