Last Nights Midnight Visitor

My kids sleep in their own toddler beds in a shared room. K1 moved to her own room from ours, around 18 months, and K2 moved to share his sister’s room around 12 months. This is not a new thing.

I know that half of the country is preparing for fall, but here, it’s hot. Like over 90 all week hot. As in fall will not begin until the end of October here. To keep things cool at night without running our tiny AC all night long we put fans in the windows and sometimes leave the doors open.


Last night we left the doors open without a gate up.


Like the insomniac that I am at midnight I was still messing around with things on my phone. When I heard a rustle by my bed, I thought it was Scarlet, our dog. You can imagine my surprise when I turned to see a white blanket and K2. Since he can not yet turn the door handle this is the first time that has happened. Actually he pretty much always sleeps through the night, so I was very surprised to know he was awake, never mind in my room.


I pulled him up into bed, and asked him what was wrong. He started telling me about K1 and where she was, so I let it go. I thought I would try to get some baby snuggles in. It’s been a while since I have had a baby asleep on me, and those days are running by right now.


At first daddy was less than excited, which is odd. Why? Because of the two of us he is the most welcoming when it comes to our kids and our bed. Me? I can’t sleep when they are there. I don’t really know why. I end up pushed to the edge, falling off status, with a crick in my back. Usually after an hour of their presence I take them back to their bed. I am great at hanging out with them in their bed, so I make up for it somewhere.


Last night I was taking it all in stride. He was tossing and turning and kicking and chatting, but it didn’t bug me. Each time I thought he was asleep he would suddenly pop his little head up and start talking. Saying things like; big blanket, big pillow, feet, and oh no.


Just when I thought that S was going to disown me for letting this go on he put his arm around the little guy. Then in the midst of not sleeping I saw the sweetest little thing.


K2 held daddy’s hand as it was holding him.


It’s really the little things people. Sometimes those small storms in life are worth braving for that tiny rainbow to make you smile. Sometimes. I knew this was a precious moment as it was happening, which is not always the case.


Then 20 minutes later I took him to bed, and everyone slept, but it was a welcome invasion. (This time)

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