Just a little update

Nothing exciting going on here.

Strained my back. again. Thursday. I opted not to take anything for the pain because it is not breastfeeding safe. So just taking something for inflammation.
AF came back Saturday. Yay! (insert sarcasm)
Sunday, full on head colds to go around. Haven’t taken for congestion because they are, breastfeeding safe, as in, they will not hurt the baby. They are decongestants, they dry up stuff, which includes breast milk. More Yay.

I have been pretty crappy.

Needless to say nothing of much excitement has been going on.

Got some projects done around the house tho. I’ll share some photo’s once I’m feeling up to it.

Ordered a few things, and won a giveaway. Super excited for the mail to arrive this week. (Let’s not talk about how the mail from Thursday is still in the box)

Today looks like a Cheerios and KPBS kind of day. At least the little lady no longer has a fever, and I don’t feel like a migraine is coming on.


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One Response to 'Just a little update'

  1. Linda says:

    What a drag…hope you are all feeling better! <3

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