Just A Little Rant

I wouldn’t normally take to the blog and complain about something, but I think that another person could actually find this information helpful and possibly benefit.


For both of my babies I pumped and stored breastmilk.


When the freezer above the fridge was full we went out and bought a 5cf freezer to move the milk into. I filled it. Twice. Once for each child.


For my daughter, I used three different brands of breastmilk storage bags.


We first used the Medela brand bags because they could “attach” directly to the pump. By attach, they give you a fancy strip of tape and they hang there while you pump. Not a closed system, and with a dog, I thought it might not be safe. They were also more than double the cost of other breastmilk bag choices.


Then we used a brand that came in a red box. I can’t remember the name. But largely we used Lansinoh. They were more affordable and stored an extra oz of milk per bag.


The milk I stored for my daughter moved around a lot. From pump to bag, to fridge freezer, into boxes, to deep freezer. Some even got dropped in the process.


I gave a few boxes of her milk away to friend in need before I was using them. She warned me that some of the bags had holes. When daddy started using them he found the same thing.


I decided the holes had to be from all the moving, and overfilling. I thought the 6oz limit was a suggestion not a requirement. Oops.


When it came time to store milk for my son, I felt like an expierenced pro. We already had a deep freezer, so bags could go directly to their place. No shuffling, no moving, no dropping. Milk would go into a bag, in the freezer basket, then into a box already located in the freezer. (For extra protection and to keep months or weeks collected together) This time I also made sure to not to overfill a single bag. Not one.




Honestly it sucks! Do you have any idea how many hours of my life are in those bags? If you ever pumped you know. I am frustrated by their malfunction. I can not imagine how I would feel if my child’s life depended on it. I would be devestated.


My son is now 21 months so milk is not crucial. There are other milk options, and my daughter actually had no milk of any type after 16 months. So I guess I am not as upset as another mother might be. Just frustrated mostly.


For those who are in the market for breastmilk storage bags, do some research. I just went to the store and bought bags. It never crossed my mind that their could be a difference in quality. Or plan for breakage.


Also for the record, the Medela bags that I used were never overfilled and also had holes in them. I did not find a bag that worked. Breastmilk bags are just like with condoms, you don’t know you have a problem until it’s too late to change anything.


Good luck!


*In case there is confusion, this is not a sponsored post. I bought this stuff and it under performed, so I shared that information with you. Your expierence might be different.

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