Just a few insta’s

Such a quiet week for me on instagram, but so much happening. Strange.



If you have an android device and you are not playing 5’s yet, don’t. I mean do. I mean I have no idea where your time and battery life will go. It is quick, fun, addicting, and free. I played a few games while waiting in line at the vet yesterday. Also 15,550 is my high score, beat that!

The Gemini Mama PetBox img


Scarlet got a surprise! Check back tomorrow to see what was inside.



This week is apparently doggy themed.


My kids lay all over Scarlet all the time. She doesn’t mind. She takes whatever they have to give out. Now that I no longer put up a gate to keep kiddos in the bedroom at nap time she wanders in. Then this. She sleeps right next to K1’s bed. Out of anywhere in the room she could have laid, she chose next to her. Awe. It sweet when you get to see little things like this. I know for certain that the love is not a one way street. With out these little moments I just wonder, now I know.


Scarlet is actually listening to K1 now a days. I wondered how long this would take. K1 is almost 4 now. Scarlet will sit, lay down, and go eat when K1 commands. We are working on her “giving kisses” to K1 when she asks, but that has been a hard one.


That’s it for our short week. What were you up to?

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