It Takes A Village

My neighbor is awesome
Well really all of them are. I live in a building of five apartments, and there are ten apartments in our “complex” total. The buildings are back to back, so basically I never see the neighbors on the other side. I consider the five in my row my neighbors. They are all awesome. They are the kind of neighbors you never think you will meet.
They say it “takes a village” to raise kids, but who really has that? Unless you are close to your family the village idea is a joke. Sure you have friends, or mommy acquaintances who understand, but will they be able to just stop by when your child has a fever at , and need help? Most likely not, of course there are exceptions, but over all not, so, much. For most of us, the reality is that in our village we end up with the guy who always takes your parking spot, those people who have a party every weekend, those with the messy front everything that our kids just have to get into, or just noisy and unfriendly in general. Never mind them not having kids, or not understanding. Not exactly village material.
Back when we were apartment hunting, the people showing us the apartment, we would later move into, said “we love kids and family’s”. I thought to myself, yea yea, of course because the alternative is wild parties. I didn’t really realize they were almost all family’s, or members of other residents family’s living there. My neighbor’s mother lives in that row behind me. That’s kind of cool.
It’s random, and awesome that on either side of me is a little girl who is within 6 months of K1’s age. They are all the best of friends. Seriously. When it is warm we have kiddo block parties in the morning. We give all the kids snacks together, without a tally or score sheet listing who gave what when and who’s turn it is. They party and play right up until lunch/nap time. That is great for everyone. But my neighbors are more than that. They are here for me, if I ever need them. Forgot to buy rice at the store, they got me. Need to take Scarlet to the vet as an emergency, they got my kids. No, they are not in a superior financial situation than we are, they are just willing to help each other out. Thanks to my neighbors church members, we get hand-me-downs for the kids. In turn I have started adding our outgrown kids clothes to the bag, instead of taking them to the used baby good store and trying to sell them. They also have helped to collect the materials I needed to make my self watering planters, so there was no cost to anyone, just labor. I really can’t even begin to list everything.
I am just thankful. I feel like I found my village. Here. Of course I am sad because this is no ones forever home, and at some point we will all move away. For now though, it is amazing, and I will take it.
Earlier this week my neighbor’s oldest child was having a fund raiser for 6th grade camp (it’s a CA thing). I didn’t even know what I was buying I just said yes. That day, I had the $5 to spare, sometimes I don’t. Knowing all they do, I would have just given $5 for noting in return. Instead I get this awesome loaf of maple pecan bread, that is super tasty and now I need more of.
So if you will excuse me, I have a half a loaf of bread to go eat, toasted with butter of course. 

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One Response to 'It Takes A Village'

  1. Elkins says:

    That bread sounds so YUMMY! Neighbors make all the difference in the world. I am glad you guys are surrounded by good ones 🙂

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