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Yes that’s right, Lent started Wednesday. We actually did not eat meat either. I typically do not celebrate lent in the giving something up not eating meat fashion. I mean, when I was much younger I would go to church or Friday and eat lentils, but that was basically it, I think.

To be fair I don’t give typically give things up, like, I don’t New Years resolutions either. When I was a kid it was just something I talked about. I never actually made an effort. So to say I sat down and thought about giving something up for Lent this year would be a lie. However this year I’m gonna pretend.

After having K2 I have had no motivation to exercise, among other things. I would really like my body back. So Sunday night I was reading through this site I pinned on Pinterest. Now it says to make a list of ten things to do. You can see from my photo that didn’t happen. My phone battery died before I read through the list enough to have ten goals, so I will add more to the list later.

So since I already had some soda I will say that I am giving up fast food for lent. I did start on Monday as planned. So far so good. Minus the little episode of a few oz of soda I previously mentioned. (Thanks daddy) It’s still an improvement so I’ll take it.

Do you something up for lent? If so what is it? Have any get fit goal ideas for me?

On a side note, can anyone tell my why it is that when I upload photos from my mobile phone into the Blogger app it does this to my photos? They are darker and have little squares everywhere? Weird.

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One Response to 'It Lent'

  1. Elkins says:

    Good Goals Girl, I do not do lent… But I do, do News Years Resolutions!!! So I have been doing Curves Complete and it has been amazing I have learned several things.

    1) 3 Meals and 2 Snacks a day! Veggies are a free food except the Starchy ones.
    2) 64 oz of Water a day ( diet soda in moderation)
    3)Exercise at least 3 times a week!
    4)Get a Pedometer and work up to 10,000 steps a day.
    Love you guys and Good Luck!!! You can do it!!!

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