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Okay, okay, so it has been a few months. Your right five of them, but still, you will be prepared for next year. Remember this post about preparing for St Patrick’s day? No? Okay I will wait for you to refresh.

Got it? Okay. I really did try all of those recipes. There was the great, the good, and the not so good. I also added a recipe to the list, halfway through the week.

Bangers and Mash

I guess we can start with the Bangers and Mash. As you can see from my onion mixture in the photo I do not have gravy browning handy. Clearly I don’t think that it changes the taste of anything, but I will say that it looks a lot different. Food is like 70% visual, so I was taught while working in restaurants. I would say use the browning gravy. I was not quite in love with the sausage I obtained, which effected how everything blended together. Bland might be a great choice of sausage for this recipe.

Mini Shepard’s Pies

This is a make again recipe, for sure.

Naturally I made Corned beef and cabbage. I did not take any photo’s because it’s pretty basic and I figure everyone has already seen it at least once in their life.

I also made the Guinness stew as planned. I did not enjoy it. The stew was edible, but the taste was something that no one in the house really liked. It seemed to be missing something.

When a recipe has promise it is always worth trying again and making an adjustment. This recipe just is not in our taste pallet and we will not be making it again. Probably ever.

I also made this fun spin on the classic Shepard’s Pie. It was fun to try something different, but I wouldn’t call it Shepard’s Pie. The tomato taste really makes you feel your eating something else. They were tasty and great. Two per person was not enough. My DD even ate two of them herself. If you are planning on making these for more than two people, make a double batch. You won’t regret it I promise. I will make these again, but not when I am craving Shepard’s Pie.

 I also made this Irish Whiskey Cake. It was not photo worthy, I have never actually used a bundt pan, so the cake did not come out in one piece. This cake was super chocolaty, and tasty. I kept the broken part aside and did not add liquor to it, so kids could have some safely. It was great either way! If you know how to properly bake in a bundt pan, and enjoy chocolaty tasty-ness, try it. You can omit whiskey if desired.

Irish soda bread, and Full Irish Breakfast were both tasty.

Lastly I leave you with the addition. A gem. We have made this twice already. Dubliner stuffed chicken. At first glance the recipe looks a bit daunting. It is worth it. Totally! We used cheese on hand, nothing special. (I think Swiss) Just a tip, I would suggest using more cabbage than suggested. It’s good for you, and to me, the salty bacon taste is a bit too strong. Love, love, love this one.



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