A week or so …. in our little, kinda crazy, but fun most of the time life. Captured with my lovely cell phone.


I saw this on the back of my package of chips and loved it instantly.

Why don’t more packages have such things?

My favorite part is the “Not Genetically Modified”.



Love, love, love.


Mommy and daddy had an in home date night.

We made some home made, natural, spa, type things.

I plan to post on this later, complete with before and after photos.



Mmmmmm …. foot soak, and scrub. So nice.



Family day at the park. Bubbles, babies, disc golf, and picnic.

What more do you need?



After story time at the library, DD decided to read herself a story, sitting with the bear.

She has always loved the giant bears at this library.



We participated in a book exchange recently.

After no arrivals for more than three weeks, these two stories were at our door after story time.

It was quite exciting!




We went to the nearby playground to burn some energy one afternoon.

One of the slides on the toddler play structure had caution tape blocking the opening from both ends.

This is what I saw underneath.


Someone burned/melted a hole right through the slide.

Are you kidding me?!


Why would anyone do that?



A few days after the arrival of our first two books this little treasure arrived.

I actually know the mom that this one came from.

It is super cute, great story.

A baby bit advanced for my 2 year old, but that is great because it will last a while.

This is the last book we received so far, which is okay, really, but it IS super exciting to get mail, and BOOKS!


Hope everyone had a great week!

Did you notice how much better the photo’s look? Yay!

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life rearranged

life rearranged

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  1. Alyssa says:

    So fun! Your little redhead is super cute! (: Looks like a fun week! (: Found you from the hop!

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