Just another week of happy, grainy, cell phone photos! Yay.

I know it’s late, but it is still Friday.

So if you read our little update, you know that we have all been a little extra cooped up. Hello cabin fever! So after a week of nothingness we went for a nice walk around the lake. Not because we were 100% healthy, but because we were better-ish.

As you can see about 1/3 of the lake is all dried up! The green grass marks the edge of the lake. Our last walk a few weeks ago it was dried up a bit, but at least there was mud. Not this time.

When they say “kids follow in your foots steps”, I didn’t know they put on your shoes to do it.

She looks so silly walking in high heels that are too big, but still, so cute. She prances around all proud of herself. She says things like “Look at my new shoes mommy”, or, “Shoes too big” …… looks like a future shoe lover.

It’s funny that I can remember doing the same thing as a kid.

We went on a little field trip as a family. Only about 45 minutes away for an interview.

Don’t get too excited. I have more people to talk to, to convince them that they want me. They do, really, they do, they just aren’t sure of that yet.

Traffic coming home after a 4:30 interview would take about two hours to get home. We planned to have dinner there and then head home. Let’s just say this turned into a very, very interesting evening.

We weren’t home until after 8:30.

One of the most recent changes in my living room update …. hanging new pictures on the wall! I finally hung up my customish order from . We also framed and hung our family photo’s recently taken.

At the bottom is a sling bookshelf I made following this tutorial. I will be adjusting it, as the dowels, and brackets I got kinda make the fabric too long. I am going to make one of the pockets for the dowel rod larger, so you can see more of the books that are in it.

Got out for a walk. While I was sick.

Wish I remembered that I scheduled myself to host said walk before midnight the night before. Guess the insomnia that I have been having lately has been good for at least one thing.

Met a nice local mama, that I will be getting together with soon. So walking, while sick, and getting dehydrated, was all worth it. Seriously. Sometimes it’s hard to make a mama friend.

Yes, we all have kids. No we do not all think alike.

My little lady. She enjoyed being outside for the first time in forever so much that she just sat right down. Found a spot and stopped, to watch. I actually didn’t know that toddlers, ever, stopped. Ever.

It was really precious.

Thanks for checking in.

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life rearranged

life rearranged

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  1. Elkins says:

    I wished we lived closer so that we could take walks all the time together! Love you guys…sorry for all the changes to our summer plans together, but we will plan the Zions trip either in spring or early fall next year.

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