Happy Friday!

Have a little glimpse at our week, through my cell phone camera.

For father’s day daddy got a PDGA membership. With it came a subscription to discgolfer magazine. I think that DD likes reading it more than he does. She calls it frisbee golf, but whatever.

Future LPDGA Champ? Maybe. If daddy has his way, yes.

This pink car. This was one of DD’s first birthday presents from, one of her illustrious uncles. At one year old we had the runner board in and had to push her around. She was so small. This little guy however, not so small, at all.

I popped him in there just for fun. He loved it. He already pushes himself backwards. On purpose? No not quite. Be he doesn’t constantly fall through like his sister would have. He is only 8 months old I should add.

Pool, party, and fruit. Toddlers best friend.

She couldn’t swim in this vest suit thing by the way. It just kept her spinning around and around. Face in the water. The arm floaties we bought, they worked perfect.

This girl is a daredevil in the water. Do. Not. Blink.

At the end of my interview last week I got a bunch of these. I have only handed out like 3 so far. I’m slacking.

Oh, if your a mom, and you haven’t been to yet you are missing out on a deal or two for sure.

Free calamari appetizer on date night?

Yes please!

I told you he is huge. Sitting in a restaurant high chair for the first time ever.
Yup. He’s a beast.

It’s crazy how 4 extra weeks of cooking a little bun, makes a world of difference. There is also the boy, girl difference too. Wow, just wow.

Remember when you were a kid. You know when someone wearing your favorite color, or playing with a toy you liked instantly became your friend? No? Me either. I totally know it happened.

Why did we grow up and get so complicated? Sometimes if you say something at all to a random stranger at the store, they think you are completely batty. *sigh*

Enjoy it while it lasts little lady. I hope it never changes.

An adult beverage. It’s been a long long while. It was okay.

We had a great time at the casino. We even left up. No losses. Everything paid for itself and then some. That doesn’t usually happen. Score.

I like to think that my daughter is older than she really is. Painting bird houses again. Thanks for the idea Jeanette. We have several now. It make her so happy. She gets better and better each time.

When you have a baby, you know that they change quick. Like super duper fast. Week to week and sometimes even day to day, they change. With a toddler they don’t stop changing. I am amazed at how much she has also changed in the last 8 months.

The little guy is crawling. She speaks in paragraphs. He sits up on his own. She and throw a frisbee.

Crazy. They will be moving out before I realize what is going on.

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life rearranged

life rearranged

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