Alas another week has passed us by, or maybe that was just me?


Here you go, take a peek.

IMG_20131018_140053A quick shot I shared of boys being boys from our trip to Oma’s last week. I really love how I caught K2 mid fall.

IMG_20131019_170133I don’t know what it is, but they way that I had to photo’s on our wall was bugging me. A LOT, lately. Finally I took them all down, and organized them on the floor while the kids were napping. Of course before I could even get one photo up on the wall they both woke up, cause you know that is exactly how things go.


Now that it is complete I think that it looks much better, ….. but, I need to add more photo’s. The most recent one is just about a year old, and I have had pictures of the kids taken recently. I’ll get on that. Frames are so expensive, at least that’s my excuse.

IMG_20131024_092037You know, when I am sitting on the couch checking Facebook from my phone, I hate this quote. While it might be true it doesn’t make me happy.When we are hiking, or going to parties, or even working out at the gym, I love this quote. Maybe that is why it is at the gym. It’s possible I need this in my living room.

IMG_20131024_092721Painting. We made a trip to the Children’s museum. They put up a new exhibit, meaning the theme of the whole museum changed. I am not crazy about it, but the kids had a great time.


I am so glad they didn’t remove this part because I would hate to take my kids home in clothes the same color as what we arrived in. (Ha ha) I really do like this part, minus the heart attack that hands dunked into the bucket of paint give me.


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What were you up to??

life rearranged


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