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Clearly I have been singing too much “Boom Chicka Boom” with K1. If you can’t see the influence in the title of my post, you must have never learned the song. It’s okay, but if you have kids, Google now. It is a fun song for the 3 to at least 31 age group. Even daddy joins in.


I have been so crazy busy lately, that I let updating you all take a back seat, sorry. I also have to confess that my laptop broke last month. Like never going to work again broke. I went to a deaf event one Sunday evening, and came back to a black screen that never went away. S has a laptop too, but it really is inferior to what mine was. It is also huge and clunky. Mine was 14.5″, his is like 17″ and basically not portable. I have to adjust, but in my heart I know that we will replace mine, just not today maybe in Jan. So it’s hard to get comfortable with his.


Any how I figured the best way to bring you up to date would be with an Insta post, which is two weeks over due and still late. Go grab a cup of something tasty while you update with me.


Last Saturday I was excited to host a “Foam at Home” (I know that sounds dirty, it is not, and I didn’t get to name it. Blame Gevalia) Gevalia coffee party. It was a great excuse for everyone to get together. We made eggs, bacon, and biscuits, which we enjoyed while sampling three new flavors of Gevalia coffee.


First, I was not paid to talk about that. Second I don’t even have to talk about it on my blog. Third …… go buy a box of the Mocha Gevalia Foamy coffee for your Keurig, thank me later. That one was super tasty, without a hint of coffee flavor. It was like foamy hot chocolate, I loved it.


I finally finished up did this craft. All painted and glued. After this photo I added white letters down the left side of the K to spell out K2’s name. Now he will should have his name on their bedroom wall. I mean he’s only two, it has taken me a long time.


I also used the finished product as a decoration at his birthday party yesterday. Because it isn’t on his wall yet, details.


When sleepy boys won’t sleep. I really needed him to take a nap, like I need to breathe. He didn’t nap for two days, so mama didn’t get much done for two days. Naturally he could sense that I needed him to nap, so he laid in bed trying to sing his “ABC’s”. All he did was sing A, B, C, D, over and over and over, keeping himself awake.


He did eventually fall asleep that day, thank you. Once he was asleep his sister tried everything she could to wake him up, while staying in her bed. I guess that’s life. If it’s not one it’s the other.


Last Saturday was K1’s dance recital. Daddy and I decided that it was a special occasion and should include a special breakfast. While he got the kids to clean up their bedroom, I snuck downstairs to slice strawberries and make french toast.


Side note;

If your curious, thinly slice strawberries, and sprinkle them with sugar. Place them in a container off to the side. They will make a saucy syrup. I usually do this before making pancakes, waffles, or french toast, and it is usually ready by the time they are done cooking.


The lovely lady after her recital. They danced to “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus. Due to privacy I can not share a video of it publicly, because naturally it wasn’t a solo performance.


What I can tell you, is out of every performance that afternoon, K1 was the only girl to almost run off stage. Her class went on first. They came out and started their routine. Two jumps in I guess she realized that a lot of people were watching her, like a whole room, and she didn’t recognize any of them. She stopped, turned, and almost ran. Instead she just stood there for a few seconds, then for some odd reason, she decided to stay, turned back and finished the rest of the routine.


It was good, and entertaining. Naturally for reasons other than being an amazing performance, but still. I’m glad I went behind daddy’s back to sign her up. (It might not always work out this way I know. There could be a day where he says “I told you so”, but not this day. This day he told me it was a good idea.)


While daddy thought that we would leave early, K1 wanted to see all the performances. She even asked to go again.


Is this true for your family holiday? It was too entertaining not to share. Mostly because for us, it is true.


Friday night preparing for K2’s birthday party in the morning. Cupcakes, and cleaning called for mommy to have a beer.


Apparently it is a trend for me to stay up past midnight the night before one of my children’s birthday party. It’s weird how traditions come about, isn’t it? Just kidding, kind of.


Me with wet, un-brushed hair, and a little guy who wouldn’t smile. Even still I really wanted a photo together before the day started and those types of things get forgotten or pushed to the side.


Last year K2’s party was too much for this mama to handle, mostly because he was teething, and it lasted all day. This year I invited less people. I failed to realize that the week of Thanksgiving less people would join anyway. Our party started out slow with several cancellations, but ended up great. A couple of my kids little friends came, and they crafted and had a great time together.


Bonus non insta-grammed party photo’s;


It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to! This happened before anyone actually showed up, all because mommy said no pretzels. Sorry dude. For the record I did offer him one, he didn’t want it, he really just needed to get his cry out.


I made up a craft for the party. I think kids like to craft, and I have learned that some friends don’t craft at home. To me, a party is the best time for crafts. Lot’s of kids, and lot’s of parents around to help, win!


K2’s party was a “Hot Wheels” theme and so I literally just made up a car inspired craft. If you want to do one too, cut out “car” shapes from construction paper. (I say “car” because my first draft looked like a VW Bug, and daddy didn’t approve. I think that the kids would not have cared, meh.) Then we cut out tires from black construction paper, and windows. Supply glue sticks, stickers, and crayons. Wala! Ten minutes of happy kids, or longer if you have crafty kiddos.


Extra craft bonus, if you want daddy’s to help or participate in the kids craft, have them help with the templates. Since daddy cut out all the construction paper parts, he was right there to show the kids how to do it. First time I wasn’t the craft leader. Make that work for you mom’s.


If you follow my insta stream you know that I left a few photo’s out. I have decided that I will do one big play kitchen post, once it is completed.


What have you been up to? 
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  1. upliftingfam says:

    It looks like your baby had a great birthday. The same thing happened to my laptop a few weeks ago. Luckily, I was able to get a cheap new laptop. They had a few amazing deals on Black Friday and its possible that there will be some more deep sales before the season is over. Hopefully, you can find a new laptop to meet your needs.

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