Insta NOT Friday

Yeay for cell phone photo’s!

Sadly this was ready Thursday night, but life has been crazy lately.
life rearranged

Isn’t he cute? I tried to put these three photo’s in a row for you to see my action scene. There was the technical problem, of me, not getting three in a row. There were two with one in a bottom row. Then there was the part where you couldn’t see him. So here is the first in the row of photos.

Popping out of his hole to push the dirt away ….. and hiding back in it. He was cute. We stood there for about 10 minutes to watch. I wanted to be sure DD saw him, and if we got closer he pop back into his hole and hide.
Burgers after the babies are asleep? Yes please. We actually did eat dinner that night, we just fed the beast ….. no not the dog, the crazy K1.
When the babies actually nap at the same time, this is what my simple life looks like. Lunch, mindless TV, and knitting. What more can you ask for?
The lace is finally starting to show itself! Yeay! Too bad it wasn’t done in time to wear to the wedding we went to on Friday. I was smart though and knew it wouldn’t be done. Therefore I did not get a dress to match it.

I got this flower super last minute to go in my hair. It matches the dress that I did get.
This little guy was hanging out on the mailbox. I’m pretty sure that he is a termite. This could be bad news for the apartment complex.
A dark, barefooted, glimpse into the messy getting ready for a wedding bedroom ….. but this is mostly what I wore for the wedding. It was super fun.

life rearranged


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  1. Elkins says:

    You looked beautiful!

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