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Yes, it has been a minute. That means there are lots of photo’s for you to view. I think then that I will keep the blurbage to a minimum.

Daddy was on vaca for a week , hence the delay in posting.

Silly cell phone photos.

Dinner on the grill. Thanks old neighbor for giving us your grill. It works well for us.

Once upon a time S and I went to Fuddruckers before we were more than friends. He felt the place was a rip off. We never go, because of that. A friend and I went out to go baby book shopping for a book exchange I am participating in, and lunch.

It was just as great as I remember.

Future Houdini. Screen doors are no match for him.

Ooops. Zucchini left to grow for too long. Luckily they were not bitter at all.

Diva. Fruit. Silence for 15 minutes.

Previously mentioned Diva decided she did not need to nap. Escaped to mommy’s bed, invited the dog up and everything.

Sweet little surprise for me.

When it’s hot, chalk outside until you need to cool off.

Remember super huge zucchini’s from above? That is 1/3 of one and a bunch of rainbow chard. Pasta was tasty.

They are ready to swim. No floaty and one mommy. Was super stressful. DD tried drowning 3 times in the first 5 minutes.

She really does love the water. Pool day at a nearby friends is becoming a weekly event.

He first updo ever. She has enough hair for that now.

Making baby food. More baby food.

As my IG caption said apparently boys and electronics are hardwired for each other. We couldn’t keep him away from that stuff. Everywhere in the house we put him he kept going back for it.

Remember that line, from that song, “it’s a black fly, in your chardonnay..” …. well for me it was a black fly in daddy’s iced coffee that he was not going to drink, that I was going to enjoy.

Not so much.

While daddy was on vaca, we walked to a nearby restaurant (in 80 something degree weather), to have a late breakfast. It was huge and tasty. Nice to not have to rush off to somewhere either.

He hand picked these and arranged them for me to find after putting the kiddos to bed.

So sweet.

Future PDGA champion? Maybe. If daddy has his way, one of the two kids will be. For a 2 year old she has a mean arm. I think it’s all form, but what do I know?

My first attempt at a hip carry. Intended for short lengths of time. It work fabulously, but with my woven wrap it kinda digs into my neck.

Might work better with a different wrap.
Wish was great at back wrapping the little guy, that is what I really needed to do. Dinner would have been ready faster.

Real wine list. Real wine. Free laughs.

Rip roaring and ready to walk. I swear. I will be chasing him next week.

First, tiny, orange scarlet runner bud. I was excited. Thought it would be the first green bean, but it just fell off. Now there are several more, but no bean pods yet.

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life rearranged

life rearranged

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