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Welcome to Insta Friday. Linked up from Life. rearranged.
Photo’s taken with non other than a cell phone.

Okay, so you caught me. Some of these are last weeks photos. Oops! Don’t tell.

Yes I saw this, in a theater and everything. That really is a feat having two under two at home. I felt like a kid skipping school going to see a matinee. It was great.

Sadly this is the reality of my life still. Pumping twice a day is better than it could be. However on the up side this is when I get my reading done. That is the third book in the Friday Night Knitting club books.
This is the look of dissatisfaction in knitting. Why?! Is all I wanted to know. I am now in the process of ripping out the sleeve that I knit so that the armpit won’t look like this. I joined a group on Ravelry just to ask for help on this, and the designer of this sweater pattern is who responded. Way to make a girl feel special.

If you walk the lake near our house this is what you will see. Lot’s and lot’s of various birds, ducks, and geese.
A little fun at the playground!

I downloaded the Instagram app now that it is available for Android. Next week they might actually be Instagram photo’s.

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